Warning Letter for Security Guard

Sample warning letter for security guard. If any guard does not show good performance and have careless attitude and other issues with staff members due to this reason management issues him warning letter. Easy format of warning letter is given below.

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Warning Letter Format for Security Guard

Subject: Warning Letter to Security Guard for Unsatisfactory Performance

Mr. Rehman Raja,

You are working in organization since three years and company always supporting you in many occasions.You were time and again told by the supervisors to keep attentive on the main gate and stay alert to avoid any miss happening but you did not pay heed to what the authority said to you for your own betterment. This is the first warning letter issued to you and after third such letter you will be removed from your services. Be careful on your seat and watch the happenings with stern attitude as our country is perpetually in state of war with terrorism and other multidimensional calamities. Be sympathetic with young.

Hoping for Excellence.

Dated: 23-3-2015

Manager Human Resource

Warning Letter Format for Security Guard
Warning Letter Format for Security Guard

Warning Letter for Security Guard


It is found that you are not fulfilling the demand of your job in letter or spirit. You are often found sleeping in your seat and awaken by others time and again. You had been served three notifications, but it seems had no effect o you as you repeated the same! You are misbehaving with the visitors as well which is not tolerable for the management anymore. After one more Warning, consider yourself terminated from the job! Take cares.

Manager Admin


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