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Sample letter for Spelling Correction 

Sample letter format for spelling correction of father’s name in transfer letter. Official documents decides your fate and even your status with your family whether alive or dead. Funny it may seem, but in the real world it is the biggest reality. Getting father’s name correction is mandatory otherwise results will be disastrous. This letter is help for those who wanted to avoid this tension from their lives.

Sample letter for Spelling Correction

The Manager
Housing Concrete Company
New Delhi, India

Subject: Request for correction of father’s name in transfer letter

Respected sir,

How are you, sir? I hope you will be gliding in the highest titanic of wealth and health stringed with pearl of fame and joy. As far as my introduction is concerned, I am Deepak Perwaani. Currently, serving in the quality assurance department of this prestigious company. I served the company for more than ten years or decade and in recognition of my efforts and dedication with my work, the high authorities has decided to promote me the designation of Manager Quality Assurance department from the post of assistant manager.

I got my transfer letter yesterday and in my beaming moments I opened it and my mouth fell open when I saw my father’s name. My father’s name is Ram Perwaani, but by mistake it was written as Lam Perwaani. This mistake is considered technically as grammatically incorrect spelling, but this minor error changed my whole parent ship and surname. I am recognized because of my father and now I wanted you to kindly correct the spelling mistake from Lam to Ram Perwaani so that I can be legally recognized in my new office. The rest is fine and error free. Thank you.

Yours truly,
Mr. Deepak Perwaani
9 th July, 2017