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Does Social Media improve People’s Communication Skills?

The following article includes points on how Social Media improves people’s communication skills and its effects on communication.

Does Social Media improve People’s Communication Skills?

Communication skills are the talents you employ to give and receive various types of information. Communicating new ideas, thoughts, or even an update on your project are some instances. Listening, speaking, watching, and empathizing are all communication abilities. Social media is more than simply a tool for gathering information. Social media is used to connect with people, for business or commercial objectives, make new acquaintances, rekindle existing connections, and find long-lost relatives.

Prior to the development of social media, interacting with individuals who were not in our local area was quite limited, but now we can communicate with someone on the other side of the planet with the press of a button. It’s easy to forget that there’s a virtual barrier between us and the person we’re speaking with: a barrier that may prevent us from speaking directly with that person. The nonverbal methods we communicate face-to-face, such as hand gestures and facial expressions, are lacking in online interactions, which can lead to misconceptions. This may make online communication more prone to ambiguity and misinterpretation. People may have gotten so accustomed to interacting through a screen than conventional face-to-face interaction has become a source of social anxiety for many. It is obvious that talking with individuals in person enables us to build deeper, more meaningful relationships; but, as our digital profiles expand, it becomes increasingly difficult to form interpersonal interactions. Students’ reading abilities have been progressively harmed by abbreviations and bad grammar, in addition to verbal communication. Social media has an impact not just on our capacity to listen and connect with people, but also on our ability to communicate effectively in writing.

It is found that students’ academic performance and communication abilities were favorably impacted by their use of social media. This suggests that using social media for academic purposes will increase business school students’ communication skills and academic achievement. This also suggests that if traditional business education learning continues, academic performance will remain unimpressive.