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Request Letter to Release the Security Funds

Sample Request Letter to Release the Security Funds. Job is done on the basis of security funds and the pensions or the gratuity offered at the termination of the job. Security funds are required by any serving person and the persons who wish to have it release by the competent authority could use it to meet their means.

Request Letter to Release the Security Funds

The Manager,
Sky lark Water Foundation,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting to release the security fund

Respected Sir,

Good day! I hope and pray for your better survival status in the life you are having right now. I am Mr. Donald Danny. I am ex-accountant of this prestigious foundation. I had served this company for twenty years. I am 60 years old now. As per policy of this valued company, the person who had served the company for twenty or so years will get the security fund of the calculated time.
I took the leave of two months prior to my termination or end of job status, but this could turn out to be an issue, I even couldn’t digest it! I went in the clerical office for the clearance of my security fund that is approximately 2 million. This is a good amount and I can use it in any of business of my choice. The clerical staff put an allegation on it that security fund is still immature and could not be drawn immediately as I had not served the actual time period to be eligible for this security fund. I had put forward the dilemma of my situation in front of you for justice. Thanking in anticipation for your timely cooperation.

Best Regards,

Mr. Donald Danny,
20th October,2018.