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Sample Request Letter to Principal for Retaking Examination

Sample request letter to principal for taking re examination. Sample Application format for Reappear in Exam. If ant student missed the exams in class due to any reason he/she can request teacher or principal to reappear in exams. Teaching is a hard profession and is known as the mother of all professions. Without it, nobody can reach anywhere so if any exam is missed for any reason, retaking of the examination is a must thing for availing a degree and show the world their worth and qualification this format can be used by all who need.

Sample Request Letter to Principal for Retaking Examination

The Principal,
Allied Aster High School for Boys,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Request to principal for taking re-examination

Respected Sir,

Greetings! How are you sir? I hope you will fine and blessed in your life and may you remain the same in your life the reason I am writing this request is that few days later my mother had passed away and I had to rush to my native land for the funeral rituals and in that hurry, making you informed, missed from my mind and I totally forgotten that there are my term exams in the school. I will not skip my exam in the near future or will remember to inform you in any of the case. You can mark my words.

You know now that my sitting in the examination was on genuine reason, so I request you to kindly retake my exams and make me grateful to you for your kind act and favour. I assure you that I will pass the examination ad will not put your head in shame. The papers I had missed are; nursing, medical anatomy, financial statistics. Kindly re-schedule these papers for me and rest I will be giving on the due time table. I will be brimmed with gratification on your timely favour and action. Thanking in anticipation for your future decision and time you will spend on it for me.

Best Regards,

Mr. Joe Jackson,
10th May, 2018.