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Best Indian Shoe Brands for Women

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Sample Article on Best Indian Shoe Brands for Women

An outfit can never be completed if the shoes don’t fit—we have all learned that much from Cinderella. India is a leading hub in the fashion industry, which is why its focus on footwear has been immense. But what is important to know today is that Indian footwear has evolved beyond its basic state. It’s not just about a pair of pumps anymore. Luxury footwear brands in India are creating the ‘how-to-wear’ books as we speak. The Indian footwear market is huge, with a variety of styles and brands that are loved and appreciated by women all over the nation.
From the trendy to the traditional, from the comfort to the fashionable, from the extravagant to the affordable, from the classic to the eccentric; we have all kinds of women’s shoes available in India. Choosing to wear footwear is a conscious decision for everyone. Taking the lead is Micromax, which has partnered with the Ashish Goel-owned Indian footwear brand, Shoe bazaar.
Anand Chandrasekaran, Senior Vice President and Head of Mobile Business, Micromax Informatics Ltd said, “Our partnership with Shoebazaar is in line with our vision to empower fashion-forward Indians to express their individuality through great footwear. Boot shopping in Italy or heels shopping in London are nothing compared to the number of shoes the women of the subcontinent have access to.

Here, we’ve made a list of certain shoes you’ll find in every Indian woman’s closet.

The sports shoe. When it comes to sportiness, Indians take the cake. The favorite shoe for sporty Indian women is the Adidas Gazelle—the iconic sporty shoe Adidas has manufactured for years. The city of Mumbai is home to some of the top footwear brands in India like Allen Solly, European, New Balance, Vivo, and Arrow. These foreign luxury brands have ensured that they have several outlets all across the city.

Here is a list of leading brands that every Indian woman should know about:

1.        Preet Kaur

Launched in 2014, this vegan brand stays true to traditional values. Their products are handcrafted and customizable. Their shoes range from heels to flats and incorporate many different cultures.

2.        Colaba Juttis

The idea behind Colaba Juttis was to create a brand that creates comfortable yet traditional shoes for Indian and non-India women. Their shoes range from Kholauris to flats, and their aim is to provide beauty and comfort.

3.        Vareli Bafna

Vareli Bafna aims to keep the heritage alive. Their designs incorporate a royal and traditional outlook complete with a modern touch.

4.        Zebba Shoes

Zebba, localized in India, also ships abroad. Their main target market would be people who are looking for somber and comfortable designs.

5.        Bombay Brown

Bombay Brown also focuses on vegan products. The company uses high-quality leather and embroiders beautiful patterns on their shoes.

6.        Shoe that fits you

The aim here is diversity. The company makes shoes for all different foot shapes and sizes.

7.        Mochi Shoes

From casual to formal, Mochi aims for sustainability.

8.        Metro Shoes India

Metro has over 200 stores in India, making it one of the largest trusted brands in the country.

9.        HRX

HRX is a celebrity designer brand by Hritik Roshan. The brand focuses on trendy designs and uses midsole technology t make comfortable shoes.

10.      Ira Soles

Ira Soles is important because its ideation was to put the artist first. The brand curates shoes that can be worn on many different occasions. These shoes range from heels, pumps, and flats, to snip-cuts and joggers.