Final Notice Before Legal Action SAMPLE

After several reminders, our firm is opting for legal action against you. Your inability to respond to reminders and ignorance of the payment has left us with no other choice. You are given the last opportunity to prevent legal action by extending the due date. After this date, no notice will be sent and court proceedings will resolve the issue.

Final Notice before Legal Action Sample

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To Mr. Leonard Jones,

This letter intends to remind you for the last time that you have a debt of $2500 payable to us. We have informed you about this on multiple occasions but you have ignored the reminders. Now you are requested to repay your indebted amount by November 30, 2020. You borrowed $2500 from our firm in August 2019. You had to repay this interest-free amount in a year. This means that you should have repaid it by August 2020. We believe that we have cooperated enough with you. It has now been more than a year but you have failed to comply with our deadline. Please consider this our final notice and try to pay the indebted amount by November 30, 2020. We will take legal action in case you fail to repay by the date mentioned. We hope that you will do as required to save your time as well as ours.

Yours Truly,



Sample Letter Final Notice Before Legal Action

Dear Mr. Ali Rehman,

We have been sending emails to you, again and again, to remind you of your overdue balance of Rs. 90000. Since you did not respond to any of the reminders and have failed to pay the amount, we have handed over this issue to our lawyer and have requested him to take legal action against you. We are giving you the last chance to avoid such a situation by giving you a week to pay this amount. You must pay Rs. 90000 by November 15, 2020. We have attached all the previous financial records and previous reminders with the respective issuance dates. Your failure to comply would lead to legal action without further notice. I hope you will consider this reasonable opportunity and pay the amount by the end of this week. Consider this your final opportunity to resolve the matter without the involvement of the court.

Yours Sincerely,

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