Resignation Letter for Misbehavior

Sample Resignation Letter for Misbehavior. If any employee want to resign from his/her current designation due to misbehavior and misconduct he/she may use the provided format of template given below. Clearly mention the reason of your resignation and language should be proper.

Resignation Letter for Misbehavior

The Director,
Falcon’s Association.

Subject: Resignation Letter for Misbehavior

Dear Sir,

I hereby submit my resignation letter on intimation on one week. I worked as ‘Marketing Manager’ with your esteemed organization since 2013. During my working tenure I tried to work at my level best and in my books I accomplished it. Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the team leading me. I am always asked to work under pressure and short notices and I do it every time by dint of hard work.

I regret to say but the only reason for my resignation is the misbehavior and misconduct of Management. I cannot tolerate humiliation of mine in front of colleagues and juniors in spite of my sincere working. Neither I get proper resources for working nor proper time. Under such circumstances, I able not able to continue job with your organization.

I hope that you will find an appropriate candidate for the position and I wish you continued success.


James King.
Contact: 000-000-000.


Resignation Letter for Management Misbehavior


The Chairman,
Packages Foundation.

Subject: Resignation Letter

Dear Sir,

I have been working with your company as “CSO” for two years. This company have made me learn what life is and how to tackle all the difficulties thrown by life to us. As there have been change of management and whole new staff has been hired, my compatibility with them is zero. I have found new management very rude and ill mannered. As people in management have no good way to talk to member of the office in a polite way and they insult me in front of juniors and my colleagues on very minor things. I don’t think so I can work in this environment.
Therefore, I am resigning from this office. I have spent some of the good days of my life in this office and I am taking all the good memories with me. I hope you find another appropriate candidate for this job. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Resignation Letter for Misbehavior”

  1. Mudeers/managers who misbehave with juniors is a common phenomenon in GCC countries specially Saudi Arabia. Saudi bosses abuse their hard working employees and HR does not help the poor expats.

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