Sample Request Letter to Update Machinery

Sample Request Letter to update Machinery in Plant/Unit. Sample Request Letter to Change Machinery for Safety. As renovation is must for the longevity of house, cutting as vital to plants same is the updating of machinery in the plant or any working unit to enhance the working capacity and life. This letter can help those who need it.

Sample Request Letter to update Machinery

The Chairperson,
Al-McBroom Financing Company,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Subject: Request Letter to update Machinery in Plant/Unit

Respected Sir,

I hope you will be in good health in the steaming heat of Dubai State. I am here with a write up regarding certain points that require your immediate attention. I am here to direct your concentration towards Processing Unit. The machines meant for parching, cleaning, diluting, processing are in worn out conditions and needs in prompt attention. Without the up gradation of such machines the process of making up the product will lag behind.

I have calculated the net amount that will be spent on the machinery. The total amount in upgrading the whole unit of the plant requires $6000 and in order to change and purchase new machinery requires $8000 in total. Now it is up to you which route you will take in the best benefit of the processing unit. The thing to say is that kindly whatever you had made your mind up, do it as soon as possible.

We all members and workers of this unit will appreciate your wise and prompt decision in favour of the unit. We do not waste the time in waiting and then fixing the issues related and mandatory with the complications of the heavy machinery. I have attached all the important documents for the favourable and speedy action. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Rajab Ali
2nd May, 2017.

Request Letter to Change Machine

Respected Sir,

With utmost respect, it is stated that I am writing this letter for informing the head administration of this company that machines of fermenting are worn out. The processing unit is filled with the machines which are of no use and have completed their work expectancy. Up gradation of machines is very important right now. I have did the calculations and will attach the documents of new required machinery in the set up. All workers will appreciate the processing of this application as soon as possible because work has been slow due to this inconvenience. Please make sure to make the process speedy and prompt.

Yours Sincerely,


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