Sample Request Letter for Newspaper Advertisement

Sample Request Letter for Newspaper advertisement. Newspapers are most wanted need of today’s world as everyone wanted to be abreast and knowledgeable with current scenarios and happenings. This format can be used to advertise news in the newspaper and supply of it in the college or other educational institutes so
feel free to mould it to ones need.

Sample Request Letter for Newspaper Advertisement

The Principal,
Wild Wood High School System,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting to school for newspaper advertisement

Respected Sir,

With due respect, it is to state in writing that I am head of Human Resource Department and it is really difficult for me to see and manage this whole department on my one own and single handedly. I request you to please provide me with assistant head so that few burden of my duties can be shed. I need to advertise this need of mine on urgent basis and for such urgencies, newspaper is the best tool to use it. Kindly send someone from my behalf in the nearby newspaper agency and publish the same there in their paper. I will be grateful to you for this kind and prompt action. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Ronaldo Capris,
15 th April, 2018

Sample Request Letter to College for Newspaper Supply

The Chairman,
Lucas International College for Women,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting to college for newspaper supply

Respected Signor,

Please be informed that I am Ms. Jazz Joe and Head of English Department. There are number of national and international competitions that come time to time and many a times in year, but in this age of wonder and technology we are deprived of supply of newspaper. This missing cost us too much as we feel ourselves unaware from the new contests and our talent of college is not known to other parts of the world. Kindly supply us with daily newspaper to cover this deficiency and I will be really thankful to you for your timely cooperation and favourable action.
Yours Truly,

Ms. Jazz Joe,
15 th April, 2018

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