Sample Request Letter for Co-Teacher by Professor

Sample Request Letter for Co-teacher by Professor. Work load on teachers is beyond calculations as the list is limitless so professors needs to shed their work load by demanding a co-teacher for themselves as assistance.This easy formats can be one such help.

Sample Request Letter for Co-Teacher by Professor

Mr. Dean,
Sky lark Foundation University,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting Co-teacher by a professor

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour it is to state that I am here to tell you that I am feeling burdened due to the work load as my other colleague professors are on leave and annual competitions are in the air. This is nearly impossible for me to cater with the coordination, planning and conferencing the students on the mega contest so I want a relief and request you to please attach a co-teacher with me so that I can work with peace of mind and give my the best in all the sides. I will be thankful to you for favourable action that is leaving the room at once. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Mr. Andrew Joy,
13 th February, 2018.

Request Letter for Associate Teacher by Lecturer

The Principal,
Klatch High School for Boys,
California, United States of America

Subject: Requesting associate teacher by lecturer

Respected Madam,

It is to stated that I am given three language classes and the total strength of the classes is 120 students! This much strength of class will definitely increase my work load and checking. I am an old person and cannot go along this burden all alone and on my own. I want an associate teacher so that I can give the best of mine to this school and to my students. The teacher will do the checking part and I will engage myself with coordination, planning and imparting of information and conferences for my students. The series of mega competitions are in the air and coming back to back in the near future. I am in dire need of associate teacher so that I can feel at ease and do the duties peacefully. Kindly take a prompt action in this regard and I will be thankful to you for favourable action. Thanking you in advance.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Michel Toy,
24 th February, 2018.

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