Request Letter for Character Certificate from Police Station

Sample Request letter format for Character Certificate from Police Station for Government Job. people prefer stable and pensionable professions and government offers such jobs and people who intend to avail the chance have to apply for character certificate from the police station as security clearance and sifting the doubt of the applicant in any illegal activities. Such format is great help of individuals who wanted to join government sector.

Request Letter for Character Certificate from Police Station

The DIG,
SP Abdus Samad Police Headquarter,
Lahore Cantt, Pakistan.

Subject: Request letter for Character Certificate from Police Station

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much reverence and hope that I am Mr. Anaam ul Haq from your department and head constable at Kot Lakh Put Jail. I had served the academy for ten whole years. My service started from 16.10.2007 and ended on 16.10.2017. The reason of termination was my age. According to rules and regulations I was not allowed to serve the police for more than ten years so I got my retirement from my job thence.

Without job it is nearly impossible for me to run my kitchen so I had applied for government job and luckily I got selection letter from the respective department. I am happy to bones to receive the letter of appointment, but they demand character certificate from the police station for their satisfaction and file completion procedure. I would be highly grateful to you if you consider my state and issue me the desired character sketch.

I had attached all the necessary particulars of my academic as well as professional certificates and details with this request application for your kind and prompt review. Kindly issue me the certificate in this month as in the coming month it is my joining. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Anaam ul Haq,
24th January, 2017

Sample Letter for Requesting Police Clearance Certificate

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I need a character certificate from police station as I have served the department for 12 years. I am going to apply for a job in US and they require full documentation of my previous job. They also need character certificate to check if I had been efficient and serious officer. I have
been a very systematic and organized in my job and I hope you mention all this is in my character certificate so I get the job easily. It’s been quite a time that I have been looking for a job overseas and finally I have been selected.

Do the needful.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr.  Rbert,
27th Feb 2019

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