Financial Aid Request Letter for Daughter’s Marriage

Sample financial aid request letter for daughter’s marriage. Weddings has become a matter of show off nowadays and it demands high expenses to cater the food and the decoration or other accommodation matters, but sometimes sudden fall in finances cries for loan and it should be met to heal the depressive soul.

Financial Aid Request Letter for Daughter’s Marriage

The Accountant,
Defense Bank Private Limited,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Financial aid request for daughter’s marriage

Respected Sir,
Good day! I hope your Excellency will be in angelic boat of health and care. I am Mr. Brownwood Cruise and my wife’s name is Ms. Laura Cruise. We are blessed with an only child twenty three years ago. We belong to a very humble family and despite two earning hands it is still very difficult to meet up all necessary livings in this age of inflation.

My daughter has become of age and so we decided to get her marry
to a nice fellow this year. She chose for her groom and we met his family as well. Everything between us is well and good, but they are in better financial state than us. We are now in a fix. We do not want to ruin our daughter’s happiness by putting an end to her marriage to the guy she loved, but on the other hand we are not wealthy enough to keep up the appearance even.

I went to my relatives as well to collect some money for a handsome amount and also knocked the doors of my friends, but all turned into ashes and I came home with empty hands. The only hope we can see is loan… from this valued bank on custody base of our only house. We will repay the loan in the duration of six years and will sign any paper to get this prized money of loan. Please contact us on our number +444-0000- 2223. Thanking in anticipation for your sympathy.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Brownwood Cruise,
1 st October, 2017.

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