Appointment Request to Doctor

Sample appointment request to doctor for total extraction and implantation of entire tooth. Tooth aches are considered as one of the torturous aches in the body. The whole cavity extend tremors of pain to the entire body. Extraction of such tooth is the only remedy. The extracted vacant place must be implanted by another tooth so that cavity could be completed for the perfect smile.

Appointment Request to Doctor

The Head of Department,
Dental Surgical Hospital Ward,
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Request appointment to doctor for total extraction and implantation of entire tooth

Respected sir,

It is humbly stated that I have been suffering from toothache from the past five weeks. One of my molars was giving me a very hard time. I had it checked from the local doctor and he told me that the enamel of my molar tooth was severely damaged. He advised me to have it replaced with an artificial one. So I went to the district hospital for tooth replacement. Instead of replacing the tooth he nursed it with a dental filing. I felt quite sedated after this for nearly three and a half weeks.

However, the pain is back again and it is tormenting me with every passing second. Maybe the amalgam used as a filing did not suit me. So I modestly request for an appointment with you as soon as possible so that I can have my tooth replaced.

Kindly let me know about the time that suits you for the placing of artificial tooth in my cavity of mouth. You can approach me via my email or my contact number 3045- 9087651-4. I will be very thankful for your kind consideration.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Josh Avedi,
9 th July, 2017.

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