20+ WhatsApp Messages due to Rain

Please find 20+ WhatsApp Leave messages for a rain-induced leave request. Multiple short WhatsApp text messages due to heavy rain/barish are here for your convenience. For further insight, email or contact us via the comment box.

WhatsApp Leave Messages due to Rainy Day

1.       Grant Leave due to Rain Unable to come to work

Hello Sir, I’m sure you’re aware of the heavy rainfall in the area. The rain is not permitting safe transportation for me, and I am afraid to travel at this intensity. I hope you grant me this leave. Thank you.

2.       Day off request due to heavy rain

Dear Ma’am,

I hope you are doing well. As you can see there has been heavy rainfall these couple of days, due to which I would like to request that I do my work from home. I will be very grateful if you will grant me this leave.

3.       Missing work due to rainy day

Respected Sir, I am sorry to report that I will have to miss work due to the rain. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused. Regards.

4.       Request for delaying the assignment

Dear Miss, due to the rain, I cannot possibly come in for work. I understand that there was an assignment due for the course, and would like to request that you extend the submission deadline. Thank you.

5.       Missing exam due to rain

Greetings Sir, I hope you are well. Unfortunately, due to the roads being blocked in the rain, I am unable to make it to college. I understand that I will be missing the exam, but I have tried everything in my ability to try and make it on time. Please understand my condition. Regards.

6.       Electricity issues due to rain

Dear, Ma’am. The heavy rainfall has caused some electrical issues in the area. I have to be present for maintenance purposes and would like to request a day off. Thank you.

7.       Rain causing flooding

Sir, the rain has caused heavy street floods in my area. This has rendered me incapable of coming in for work. I hope you understand the predicament that I am in. Thank you.

8.       Half day leave due to rain

Dear, Ma’am. The rain has caused my vehicle to become compromised. Due to this, I am unable to come to work. I am trying to find a way around it, and will try and come after 12. Please consider this a half-day leave. Thank you.

9.       Rain leave request

Respected Ma’am, I hope all is okay with you. As you can see, it has been raining heavily for the past couple of days, so I would like to ask that you allow me to work from home. If you would kindly give me this leave, I would be very appreciative.

10.   One day leave from the office

Sir, I’m glad to hear that you are well. I’m unable to get to college, sadly, because the roads are clogged from the rain. Although I am aware that I will be absent from the exam, I did everything in my power to try and be there in time. Please be sympathetic to my situation. Regards.

11.   Project submission extension

Hello Miss, I can’t possibly come in for work because of the rain. I am aware that there was a course project that needed to be submitted, however, I would like to ask that the due date be extended. Many thanks

12.   Assignment deadline extension due to the rain

Hello, Miss, I can’t come in for work because of the heavy rain. I understand that there was an assignment that needed to be submitted, but I would like to ask that the due date be extended. Thanks

13.   Rain causing vehicular issues

Thanks, Ma’am. My car has become unsafe because of the rain. I am unable to travel to work as a result. I’m looking for a workaround and will try to arrive after the first half. Please treat this as a half-day vacation. I’m grateful.

14.   Public transport issues due to the rain

Dear Madam, As you are aware, I usually take public transport for work. However, due to the rain, the transport service has been put to halt. Due to this reason, I am unable to come in for work. Thank you for understanding.

15.   Student leave request

Dear, Sir, I cannot come in for work due to the rain. I hope you understand why I am missing such an important lecture. Thank you.

16.   Officer leave request

Dear Superintendent,

I would like to apologize for not coming in to work today. The rain has rendered me incapable. Thanks for understanding.

17.   Extension requests for a work project

Ma’am, please extend my deadline as I was unable to come to work today due to the rain. Thank you.

18.   Apology for missing the work meeting

Sir, I am sorry for missing today’s meeting. I hope you understand that it was due to the rain and no other reason. Thanks.

19.   Rain leave request for child

Dear Miss, My child ____ will not be able to come to school today due to the heavy rain. I hope you understand.

20.   Parent’s requesting leave due to transport issues

Dear Sir, my son/daughter ____ cannot come to school today because I was unable to drive them due to the rain. Requesting for positive feedback.

21.   Requesting a day off

Greetings, Please grant me this day off. The rain is making travelling unsafe for me today. I hope you will understand and oblige me. Thank you.

22.   Asking for a make-up quiz

Dear Sir, please grant my request for a make-up quiz. I will, unfortunately, be missing the one today due to the rain. Thanking you in anticipation.

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