Official Memo Format Regarding Low Sale

Sample Official Memorandum Format Regarding Low Sales. For a marked success of any organizations its sales department plays a very vital and crucial part. Higher sales graphs show the success of any business and low sales graphs tell the sad story. For keeping the success level contained and at par Official steps are taken out by the companies’ heads. This format of memo is being used by multinational companies and International business organizations.

Sample Official Memo Format Regarding Low Sale

For: Sales Managers

Sales Representatives

Sales Staff

Of: Titan Watches, New York.

Subject: Marked Low Sales of Titan Watches

The saddest moment ever in the history of Titans! Low sales graphs isn’t a thing to digest at any cost. We had heard about the long tales of the low sales and the similar harping of the same tunes. BUT the point is we are not here to tolerate the deficient skills that resulted in this black depression.The Titans decided to arrange the training sessions that is mandatory to attend.

S/N    Date           Workshop Title                Department

1.      27.09.’15       Interactive Skills           Managers & Staff

2.     28.09.’15       Leadership Guide          Managers & Staff

3.     29.09.’15      Communication               Managers & Staff

4.     30.09.’15     Crisis Management         Managers & Staff

5 .    01.10.’15      Disruptive Clients            Managers & Staff

We wish you and your administrative as well as executive staff a very good training sessions. Please note down the venues and timings detail as well.

Venue: Auditorium Hall C (S.No:1)

Multi-purpose Hall II (S.No:2)

Campus 3, 4, 5 of Main Ground (S.No:3-5)

Timings: Auditorium Hall C (10-12:00 pm)

Multi-purpose Hall II (9-11:00 am)

Campus 3, 4, 5 of Main Ground (7-1:00 pm)

Kindest Regards,
James Johns
CEO, Titan Watches.
Dated: 20.09.2015

Official Memo Format Regarding Low Sale
Official Memo Format Regarding Low Sale

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