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Sample Letter to Sales Officer to Increase Sale Target

These sample letters are directed to sales officer, who is encouraging its team leader and sale officer to keep up the good work and increase sale targets with same passion.

Sample Letter to Sales Officer to Increase Sale Target


The Manager Sales,

Mehta Textile.

Dear Sharma,

I am writing this letter to inform you about some changes in sales target of this year. First of all, I would like to appreciate you of handling the sales team in such a brilliant way. Performance of your sales team was impeccable and deserves all the appreciation. I am glad that I chose you as a sales officer. Your last time performance has made us expecting better from your innovative mind. We have decided that we are going to alter some of the policies of the products so sale of products can increase. We will hand out you all the products in which we need changes in order to increase sale, please let us know of any query. Happy to help you anytime. Please note down that sale target should be very high this time so we can secure the elitist company position. I wish your team all the best.

Sales Director,

Sample Letter to Sales Person to Increase Sale

Dear Sales Team,

You have proven to be the excellent sales officer and we all are very proud of your performance. Your skills and pioneering ideas are the reason that sales scale of this company is on height. I am very happy to see that you have motivated your team to work and teamwork is your building block. I have full confidence in you that with this pace you will be acquiring the position of head with the commission. I have new sale target for you and your team. I am hoping it to be an easy accomplishment as your other targets were. Please go through the file in which I have sent you all the data, on which you can work to increase the sales. Sale target deadline is 5th November. I hope that you will do this before the time. Please come to my office if you need any assistance in this regard.

Johnn Robert,

Head of Sales Department.

Official Memo Format Regarding Low Sale

Sample Official Memorandum Format Regarding Low Sales. For a marked success of any organizations its sales department plays a very vital and crucial part. Higher sales graphs show the success of any business and low sales graphs tell the sad story. For keeping the success level contained and at par Official steps are taken out by the companies’ heads. This format of memo is being used by multinational companies and International business organizations.

Sample Official Memo Format Regarding Low Sale

For: Sales Managers

Sales Representatives

Sales Staff

Of: Titan Watches, New York.

Subject: Marked Low Sales of Titan Watches

The saddest moment ever in the history of Titans! Low sales graphs isn’t a thing to digest at any cost. We had heard about the long tales of the low sales and the similar harping of the same tunes. BUT the point is we are not here to tolerate the deficient skills that resulted in this black depression.The Titans decided to arrange the training sessions that is mandatory to attend.

S/N    Date           Workshop Title                Department

1.      27.09.’15       Interactive Skills           Managers & Staff

2.     28.09.’15       Leadership Guide          Managers & Staff

3.     29.09.’15      Communication               Managers & Staff

4.     30.09.’15     Crisis Management         Managers & Staff

5 .    01.10.’15      Disruptive Clients            Managers & Staff

We wish you and your administrative as well as executive staff a very good training sessions. Please note down the venues and timings detail as well.

Venue: Auditorium Hall C (S.No:1)

Multi-purpose Hall II (S.No:2)

Campus 3, 4, 5 of Main Ground (S.No:3-5)

Timings: Auditorium Hall C (10-12:00 pm)

Multi-purpose Hall II (9-11:00 am)

Campus 3, 4, 5 of Main Ground (7-1:00 pm)

Kindest Regards,
James Johns
CEO, Titan Watches.
Dated: 20.09.2015

Official Memo Format Regarding Low Sale
Official Memo Format Regarding Low Sale

Appreciation Letter for Employee

Sample Appreciation letter format for employee. Appreciations plays crucial part in the professional excellence of the employees and such letter can be used by all stakeholders, Intel companies, Nestle groups, Multinational companies and other international groups.This letter can be used for all employees sales manager,marketing manager,account officer,admin manager,etc. Easy format of appreciation letter is here.

Sample Appreciation Letter for Employee

To: Mr. Parowan Bhatt

From: CEO Nestle Groups and Co.

Subject: Appreciation Letter

Company assigned you a project for delivering a presentation of our products in various cities and villages of Punjab. You were all alone in making and delivering the presentation to the clients.

A period of a month was given to you to complete this project and to deliver the presentation in various cities and villages of Punjab. You had completed your task successfully and had delivered the message in major cities of Punjab and most of the villages near by the cities. This resulted in a remarkable increase of sale of our products in those areas. Our company got a profit of 2 millions in this month. This profit entirely depends on your hard work and effort. We are having extreme demands of our products and workers are working to full extent after a very long time. They seem to be happy instead of being tired because they are also sincere workers of the company.

Board of directors and shareholders of the company are happy and want to award you with some benefits to those you deserve. In that following benefits are provided to you:

1- You were working as a Manager but know you are promoted on a post of senior Manager.

2- Company has awarded you with a bonus of Rs. 1 lac.

3- Your salary has been increased.

These are the few rewards awarded to you in a thanking way. Company appreciates your work by giving you these rewards. We hope same effort from you in up-coming months.

Nestle Co.

Appreciation Letter for Employee
Appreciation Letter for Employee

Appreciation Letter for Marketing Manager Sample

Mr Muhammad Raheel,
Director Marketing
Sundas Foundation.

Subject: Letter of Appreciation

Dear Raheel,

On behalf of the management of Sundas Foundation we congratulate you for your good performance and success in our organization on the eve of Ramadan campaign which was possible only with all your hard work and dedication and the effort of your team.We understand that by using your capabilities and devotion you can strive even better and can show better results,as there is always room for the improvement.

Keeping in view the above efforts of your team and yourself in mind the management has decided to send you for Umrah this year(Congratulations).

We hope that in future you will give your best also.

With Best of Luck

Letter to CEO for Extension in Achieving Sales Goal

Letter to Chief Executive Officer to Extend the period in Achieving Sales Goal.This sample format is for all the workers working in the company, sales managers, sales executives, marketing persons etc those who want to extend the period for achieving the sales goal. Easy format is here for your convenience.

Letter to CEO for Extension in Achieving Sales Goal Sample

Chief Executive Officer,
LG-Mobiles Private Limited.

Subject: Request for Extend Period of Sales Goal

Dear Sir,

Most respectfully, it is stated that we were given a goal of selling 5000 mobiles in a month. I had assigned my sale workers for this purpose. They started working on it. We were completing the goal of 4500 mobiles a month easily from the previous months. It was our own proposal to extend the sale quantity. We were highly confident that we can achieve our goal as our brand is admired by all the customers in the market. But it didn’t work due to some problems. As you are aware by the bomb blasts and threats which were given to our city, this resulted in:

1-Market was closed for a week.
2-Most of the routes were blocked due to bomb blasts.
3-There was a leave for all workers for three days by the government.

These factors resulted in shortage of our sales, due to which we were unable to achieve the sales goal this month. But under these circumstances we were able to achieve a goal to sale 3000 mobiles.

I on behalf of my workers request you to give us 10 days more to achieve the desired goal. By the problems mentioned above you can understand our position. I assure you that we will be able to achieve our goal in the limit offered. I will be very thankful to you for accepting my request.

Yours Sincerely,
Senior Manager LG-Mobiles Private Limited.

Letter to CEO for Extension in Achieving Sales Goal
Letter to CEO for Extension in Achieving Sales Goal

Job Application for Sales & Marketing Manager

Sample Job Application for Sales & Marketing Manager.This application may be used by those people who are applying for the position of Sales/marketing manager in a particular company. Format of job application is given below.

Job Application for Sales & Marketing Manager

The Human Resource Manager,
Tetra Pak International.

Subject: Application for job

Dear Madam,

I got to read your advertisement for the position of marketing/sales manager in your company on the internet. I have a great interest in availing this opportunity as I have a work experience of 4 years as a sales officer and then 2 years of marketing manager in a highly reputable company.

I am a professional at communicating with the customers face to face and I have the capability to work at fast paced workplace like your company. I have the ability to establish trust with employees as well as the customers and I am known for my kind and friendly behavior with my own customers and colleagues. I have the ability of multi-tasking and making good decisions at the right time.

If you want your company to hire a professional, dedicated and hardworking Manager then you have to consider my enclosed cover letter and resume. I hope you will find it valuable and that I will be a great asset for your company. I will wait for your kind reply. You may contact me via e-mail or phone number so that I get back to you as soon as possible.

I would love to be a part of your highly prestigious organization and I assure you that my contribution for your company would be of great benefit. I will wait for your reply so that we can discuss it further.

Yours Sincerely,

Kamray Hork

Cell No: 0300-456789

Job Application for Sales & Marketing Manager
Job Application for Sales & Marketing Manager

Sample Letter format for Sales Girl Officer Job. Currently, the most competitive job is of sales department where one have to meet the goals in limited and specified time so the trail of competition go very high. Such letter formats are a help to those who want to test their luck in this field.

Sample Letter format for Sales Girl Officer Job

The Manager,
Haughty Align Industry,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Job for Sales Girl Officer

Respected Sir,

I pen down this piece of writing in regards to the awesome office where the job for sales girl officer is vacant. I am excellent in marketing and sales department from the past seven years. I am blessed with delivering high-quality solutions as crisis management and I am quite confident in getting the advertised post.

I am vibrant and very well aware of the needs and norms of sales department. I had attached all my professional excellences with this application so that you can find me fit for the job as an officer. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Etna Bow,
13th March, 2017.

Job Application for Sales Girl

Ms. Johnson Sega
Cash and Carry Super Mart,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Job Application for Sales Girls

Dearest Ms. Johnson Sega,

With due respect and attire it is to state that I am given the opportunity to read the advertisement your prestigious mart had published in the newspaper. I am pleased to inform you that I am the person you are looking forward as I am
feeling myself confident that I acquire all the qualities that you demand for a competitive sales girl.

I had attached my all particulars with this application for your very kind concern and review. I assure you quality work and punctuality is you consider me fit for the job by giving me the chance to prove my words. I hope you will consider
me for the job. I am excited to work with you people. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Shawna Becket,
6 th January, 2017.


Experience Letter for Sales Officer

Sample format of Experience Letter for Sales Executive, an easy and simple written template of experience letter for people who want to write up experience letter either on employee’s request. Mention the capabilities of the person and his responsibilities.

Experience Letter for Sales Officer

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. Amir  Mustafa was working with our organization since last two years from 5th May, 2012 to 1st August, 2014 as a Human Resource Officer in Marketing Department. His responsibilities include maintenance of salary appraisals, hiring employees and reports making.

During his working tenure we found him loyal, enthusiastic and sincere towards his work. He ably handled all the responsibilities being a motivated and committed team member. We wish for his better career.



Experience Letter for HR Manager

Application for Part Time Job

Sample application for part time job. For those people who want to get a job for part time, or on daily wages can write application using this format. Sample part day job application for marketing,  part time job for waiters, part time job for sales persons and other junior staff. Written body can be changed with respect to circumstances. Easy format of job application part time is here.

Sample Application for Part Time Working

The Manager,

Subject:  Application for part-time job.

Respected Sir,
It is stated that through some reliable sources I have come to know that your organization need boys to do field work. Your minimum age limit is 30 and I fall in that category as well as I have done Intermediate from______.
You hire people on daily wages and I am in a bad need of job. Kindly provide me a chance I will prove myself to be a hardworking person and will show sincerity. It would be a great favor and I will be grateful to you.
Thanking you I remain.
Yours sincerely,

Application for Part Time Working
Application for Part Time Working

Application for Part Time Employment

The Director,
Subject:  Application for part-time job
Respected Sir,
It is stated that I ________ (name) saw your advertisement in newspaper that you require a person for the post of_____(Sales person). I am already doing a job, after office timings I am searching for a part-time job. I think your organization’s criteria is to pay according to working hours. 
My qualification and experience is as per your requirements. I have attached my documents with application. Kindly, I want you to give me a chance. I would be obliged if you will consider me eligible for the post.
Thanking you I remain.
Yours sincerely,

Sample Request for Part Time Job

Board of Directors,
Munich, Germany.

Subject: Request Letter for Part time job

Honourable Sir,

I am Mr. Othman Joseph with rule number 13875112 and registration number RDF 7651230987123. Recently I had got the result of my BSC part 1 in Engineering. I am a hard worker and for me it’s a sin to stay back and waste time and energy in stupid things and activities. I want to utilize my energy and knowledge to the best of channels and for that I want to work with you on part time as accountant. I will handle the financial department of yours with the best of my skills. I had attached all the required documents together with my contact number and home address. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Othman Joseph
6 th January, 2017

Sample Job Application for Part Time

The Manager,
Bit lily Bran UNICCO Firm,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Request of getting part time job

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour, it is to state that I am Mr. Tares Pope
and studying in Doctoral program in Medicine. This field is not easy at all and requires a lot of time and attention, but on the other side the second side of the coin says it is expensive as well. This expense cannot be handled with only one job or its whole burden cannot be put on the shoulder of my parents so I am in dire need of this
job. Please consider me for this post. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Tares Pope,
2 nd November, 2017


Sample letter format of getting part time job. Part time jobs are healthy way of consuming time and earning some extra pounds for serving the humanity or feeding the needs whatsoever arrive in the path of life. This format is for such individuals.

Sample Application Letter for Sales Person

Application For Provision of Bike for Sales Person or application for bike lost . Due to some circumstances. To attain bike/car for official usage. Sample application and can be changed according to use. This letter template can be used for marketing person, delivery man, sales representative and marketing officers.

Application for Bike Lost Sample

The Director,

Subject:  Application For Provision of Bike (For Sales Person).

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am_________(name) working in your organization since last year as a Sales Person. I would like to say that I am a competent person and truly sincere towards my work. I have always been a hardworking person.

I want to say that being a sales person I have to do all of work in the market and have to wander. Unfortunately, last week my bike has been stolen. Its been too difficult for me to work without a bike and I can’t afford a new one yet. Being on any other transport system will be unaffordable for me.

It is requested that kindly provide me with a bike for official and company use so that I might be able to work with consideration.It would be a great favor for me.

I would be highly obliged if you will consider my request.

Thanking you I remain.

Yours sincerely,


Application for Bike Lost Sample
Application for Bike Lost Sample