Memo Business Format Sample

Sample format of business memo. Its very important part of business correspondence. You can write on paper or sent memo through email. All type of internal or external issues or information for staff or management members Memos are used. Memos are written messages sent among people working in the same company. Memo can be helpful for all multinational companies, banks, schools offices.


Business Memorandum Sample Format


Memorandum is the Latin word for “something to be 


•Memos are brief in-house correspondence sent up and

 down the corporate ladder

•They can be on paper or sent through e-mail

Memos are written messages sent among people working in the same company.
 1. Memos can be written for a number of reasons Info staff about decisions/actions/events.

2. Request information / action /events.

3. Remind staff of action needed/procedures/changes

 in policy.


You must know the following things.
What is the Reason for Writing?

Who is your Audience?

Can be low-tech, high-tech or multiple

Better to provide a parenthetical definition with terms.

What response do you expect from your Audience?



Some companies use a standard form while others have

their memo printed on their letterheads.

The memo may be on a half sheet or a full sheet.

Basically, the memo consists of two partsThe identifying information at the topThe message itself


TO:    If your memo is going to more than one reader, make sure you list them in the order of their status in your company

FROM:  Write your name (and job title, if necessary for the reader.)  You may write your initials after your typed name to verify the memo comes from you

DATE:  Give the full calendar date

SUBJECT:This serves as the title line of your memo.  Summarize your message/purpose precisely



_ why are you writing

State briefly what are you writing about

State briefly any background information needed


Explain what you want to say

State what is important, who

will be affected, what caused it

Indicate why changes are necessary

Give precise dates, times, locations, and costs


Summation statement (Complimentary / Directive)

Request a reply by a specific date

Provide a list of recommendations

Inform reader what is next and when

Ask readers to call if they have questions


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