Sample Undertaking Letter from Teacher

Sample Undertaking Letter from Teacher. Teaching is a testing professions where the foremost testing is of teachers’ patience and
professionalism. There are numerous rules and regulations that are made for the teaching faculty. Each external and hi-tech program or course requires a signed bond and undertaking from the teachers. This is one such attempt.

Sample Undertaking Letter from Teacher

Mr. Dean,
Sky lark Foundation University,
California, United States of America.

Mr. Andrew Roy,
Sky lark Foundation University,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting undertaking from teacher


Good day! I hope you will be feeling at ease after attending long and tiresome course named Staff Development Certificate Course. We are aware of the facts that leaving your home town and then moving to other stations for learning purpose is not an easy task, but it was mandatory in nature for all the teaching faculty who are serving the institute for more than five years and you were one of them. This course, I am sure had added up great deal of polishing and expertise
into your bank of knowledge and intellect.

Food, hotel, quality of residence and learning room must be at pa with your expectations. You are old enough to recognize that each and everything counts ranging from food to living, but university and the allied system is not demanding a single penny from you, but we wanted you to sign the undertaking that stated: You will not leave the system for next three years, but if you do you will then be liable to pay 100% expenditure. After serving the system for years, if you leave then you will pay 50% expenses. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Mr. Jacob Danny,
29th March, 2018.

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