Sample Request Letter for Rent Installment

Sample Request Letter for Rent Installment. It can be used by people who want to request for the installment of rent for their house/flat/apartment or shop etc. which they cannot pay lump sum in any case.  Easy format is provided below.

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Sample Request Letter for Rent Installment

Subject: Request Letter for Rent Installment (House/Flat)

Dear Mr. James Steve,

Hope you’re in best of your health. I am sorry unfortunately I was out of city on account of my company’s work and I couldn’t talk to you earlier. Sir, I am ashamed that I couldn’t pay the rent of my flat on time and it troubled you as well. I want to ask for a favor as I am in financial crisis these days and to be honest I don’t have enough budgets to pay my rent of this month. I understand this is not an ethical way to say like this, but I tried my level best to arrange the money but all in vain.

Mr. James, I request you to please allow me to pay my rent in installments. It would be a huge commendation upon me. I’ll pay the first half this week and the remaining in the last week on this month for sure. I hope that you’ll understand my circumstances; otherwise I would not have asked you for this thing. Kindly I need your courtesy right at the moment.

I shall remain indebted.

Sincerely Yours,

Ema Kevin

Sample Request Letter for Rent Installment (Shop)

Dear Mrs. Kevin,

I hope this letter finds you hale and hearty.  I met you few days back but couldn’t talk about my issue owing to lack of time hence I planned to write this. Mrs. Kevin, as per our contract I am bound to pay the rent of shop lump sum for 3 months and this practice is being done since 2 years. I am glad to find such a nice landlady. I request you to please take rent of this time into installments. Actually I am surrounded by some other monetary issue this month and I won’t be able to pay the whole amount all at once. I hope that you’ll understand my problem and won’t mind it. I’ll pay the two installments in next month.

I shall remain obliged and grateful.

Yours Truly,

Megan Fox

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