Sample Letter of Child Labour Impact on Society

Sample letter of child labour impact on society. Child labour is a curse. It should not be happened in any of the civil society. This era is termed as Modern Era, but in this age existence of child labour is a shame. Its impacts on the society are adverse and irreversible until and unless not handled with care and concern. Social awareness campaigns are good way to stop labour of children and this format can be coined as one such effort.

Sample Letter of Child Labour Impact on Society

The Principal,
The Base International School,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Child labour impact on society

Respected Sir,

Greetings! How are you? I hope you will be sailing in good boat of health clubbed with wealth and prosperity. The world is echoing with the rattle of crude child labour and its adverse impacts on the
society. I also wish to be part of this valuable and worth promoting
campaigns aiming at inculcation of social awareness. In this chain, I would like you to arrange a training workshop in the school at your desired times and discuss the hot issues in the debate like lectures and do not forget to include children in the fiery discussion.
As far as I am concerned on the topic, sans children sans society. Childrenare the bright colours of our society and a reason to laugh after spending a wearisome day at work. Society will be drifted away from the innocence and it will be cruel to engage such tiny hands in work! Innocence will then be turned into violence and in bigger scenarios TERRORISM! If we want that this should not be done to us in the future then we must save our children to save our future to
be exploited at their hand when they eventually get power and strength with no education and hence on humanity.

Best Regards,

Mr. Chairman
Ms. Serene Soothe,
12 th January, 2018.

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