Leave Letter for Attending Alumni Dinner

Sample Leave Letter for Attending Alumni Dinner. This format can prove itself a good help for those who wish to unite with their friends on alumni dinner.

Sample Leave Letter for Attending Alumni Dinner

The Alumni,
Green Wilderness International University,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request of leave for attending alumni dinner

Dear students,

I am your chairman, the old person who had seen you coming to this system, wearing ties and shorts of uniform and then I had seen you going out in your full youth with energy packed in your youthful eyes. It is an enjoyment to see to achieving the age of adolescence to adulthood.
You all will be serving the state in the best possible ways of your own and must be busy in your lives and jobs. I am happy for you, that is why I decided to see my old flock together again and under the same, old roof of this university! I had called for alumni dinner in honour of you all. Time and work never stops as there is only one forward gear in it, but old people like me are amiably sat on the reverse gear and has the ability to bring back their young back to the old ties. I hope you all will come and see each other. I want to see you happy and enjoying the life with my own eyes. Forward your acceptance to my email and come at 7:00pm sharp. You are requested to come in formal dress of black three piece or grey, no other colour to wear is admissible in the dinner area. No delay will be entertain! Thank you for your time and attention. Loads of love and prayers on your way from my side.

Best Regards,

Mr. Bonnet Martin,
25 th August, 2018.

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