Claim Letter for Social Security Insurance after Mother’s Death

Claim Letter for Social Security Insurance after Mother’s Death. Human life is very uncertain and it can be met at any stage of life. Death can get them upside down in any moment. Life then got completely derailed as paradigm of shock is extensive! For a sound and smooth lives human do need some sort of stability in their life cycle. This stability is earned by insurance companies and those who wished to get back social security from insurance company can use this format.

Claim Letter for Social Security Insurance after Mother’s Death

The Labara Real Insurance Firm,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Claim for social security insurance after mother’s death

Respected Sir,

Greetings! How are you? I hope you will be fine by the charm of Prudence and I wish you perpetual ecstasies and hilarity for entire of your life and even in the life in future. Let me present myself, I am Mr. Andrew Roy, son of Ms. Jacob Roy. I am her only son and she had died last month due to brain tumor. I was busy with her rituals and could not think of anything, but her. I am student of BSc and my father had left us when I was only two years ago. All I had was my mother and she wanted me to study and get some white collar job and I wanted to meet her dreams.

Dreams do come true when you have courage, determination and money. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with money. I had come to know that my mother had some sort of social security insurance plan and by papers it was $5000. I am in dire need of this money in order to pay my college dues and to do something for my living. All necessary documents are sent with this application for prompt action. Thank you

Mr. Andrew Roy,
6 th September, 2017.

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