Sample Leave Application due to Surgery

Sample  leave application  due to wife’s surgery or husband surgery. Leave application due to health issues. Spouse are important in living a balanced life and if the partners are healthy then this life goes very well, but if any one of the person is facing any ailment then it becomes very difficult to move on in the life without hiccups. This  easy format will guide in choosing the words for application of leave due to surgery of yourself, father, mother, brother or sister .

Sample Leave Application due to Surgery

The Dean,
Crimson Wing University,
Buffalo, United Kingdom.

Subject: Leave due to wife’s surgery

Respected Sir,

It is my humble request to you that my wife is suffering from large intestinal infection. She is unable to contain anything in her stomach and her walks to toilet are becoming frequent. This torturous state is making her weaker day by day and we consulted the doctor. He checked my wife and declared that her issue is very serious and her large intestine will have to undergo the surgery for proper treatment and regaining of the health. I am in need of month’s leave due to it. Kindly grant me the desired leaves. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Ronald Donald,
6 th November, 2017.

Sample Leave Application due to Husband’s Surgery

The Manager,
Crambo Lamb Factory,
Brent Wood, United States of America.

Subject: Leave due to husband’s surgery

Respected Sir,

It is to inform you that I am in need of two months leave on the score of my husband’s miserable state. He was heading towards home from his office late at night and the visibility span due to smog was
very less and he got struck with the truck coming towards him. This sudden thud unbalanced him and threw him head long, this accident dislocated his back bone and doctor advised him bed rest for 15 days with dose of pain relieving injections otherwise surgery is recommended. This is a very critical issue of my life and I cannot leave him on his own in this hour of need.
Kindly grant me the leaves for the above mentioned days, I would be very grateful to you for paying heed to my situation. Thanking in consideration.

Yours Truly,

Ms. Ronnie Jolt,
6 th November, 2017.

Absent Leave  due to Surgery

The Head of Department,
Falcon Enterprises,
Mall Road.

Respected Sir,

I want to inform you that my wife being seriously ill and doctors suggest her surgery is in this  week. As you know my presence is very important in the hospital because of her critical condition. Please grant me leave for one week. I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours Truly,

Rohan Ramsa

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