Application for Rest and Recreation Leave.

Application for Rest and Recreation Leave Sample.This application may be used by those employees who are resided abroad and they want to take a leave so that they can go to their families to meet them and to have a mental and physical rest. They can write this application to get a paid rest and recreation leave. Format is given below.

Sample Application for Rest and Recreation Leave.

The Manager Resource,
Ittehad Chemicals,

Subject: Rest & Recreation Leave

Dear Sir,

It is being stated that I have been working in your company from the last 3 years and my work performance is extraordinary as per my awards and bonuses. I have no record of taking too many leaves or extra holidays apart from the compulsory paid leaves given by your company. Now it has been so long that I have not visited my family, so I request you to allow me to take a leave so that I can get some time to rest and to meet my family. I will ask for a one week leave so that I come back earlier and get back to work as soon as possible after a meet up with my family. I assure you that this will not affect my work and I will be continuing the work after I get back.

I hope that you will grant me leave for at least a week so that I can spend some time with my family. I will be highly grateful to you for this kindness. I assure you that this will be of no disappointment to you. I will be waiting for your kind reply.

Yours Sincerely,
Sharoon Johnn.
Resource Officer

Sample Application for Rest and Recreation Leave.
Sample Application for Rest and Recreation Leave.

Easy Format of Rest and Recreation Leave.

The Principal,
Elementary school,
Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Subject: leave application for rest

Respected Madam,

Every human being has a role to play in this life; our roles often overlap and require utmost dedication. It also happens that sometimes one demands more time and hard work than the other. I am a teacher at your school but I am also a daughter and a mother. My role as teacher usually takes precedence, since I come to school and perform my tasks with utmost precision. However, I also have a personal life and at the moment that needs to be a priority, this does not mean that my work will be in anyway neglected. I wish to be granted a week off from school in order to spend time with my daughter since she has holidays and insists on taking a vacation. At the moment, work in school is also not very demanding and my friends and colleagues will stand in for me.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Khadija Zia
13th February, 2015.

Sample Leave Application format for Rest

Respected Sir,

With due respect and reverence, it is stated that I am writing this application for a request of holidays from office. This month have been very hard on me and I have gone through some major personal loss in this time period. I gets very gloomy sometimes and cannot concentrate on the work in any way, my psychologist has advised me to take some break from the work and spend time in exploring wonders of nature and more specifically spending time with myself. I have been very regular employee, I hope that you consider my leave and give me leave.

Yours Truly,


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