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Sample Job Application for Student Counselor

Sample Job Application for Student Counselor . Mental guidance is now seek forth for better physical as well as mental health and for that reason many schools has initiated and created a job for student counselor who can wisely guide the student in their career whether academic or professional.To apply for such a job is a challenging job. Good luck to those who dare.

Sample Job Application for Student Counselor

The Chairman,
Zelda Secondary School System,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Sample Job Application of Student Counselor for Secondary School

Dear Mr. Betty,

The need for student counseling in my opinion is a must thing in order to cater their multi dimensional problems relating to their adolescence changes, mental issues, problem in communication with others, having issues in telling their problems due to introvert personality, controlling of aggression due to lack of patience and much more related and the most complicated turbulences of young persons.

I am a qualified student counselor and possess varied experience both nationally and internationally. I am well aware of the social, biological and physical facets of individual beings. I wanted to choose this field because in my younger years I do not have a single person who can guide me why and where to gear the steering of my life ahead towards! I badly missed the opportunity and then I decided to fill this void in myself by filling the lives of others with candid enlightenment.

With this application is attached my curriculum vitae and copies of my all requisite documents for further and timely inspection. I hope to hear wave of good vibes in form of a positive answer from your side at the earliest. Thanking in

Yours Truly,

Mr. Stephen Marshal
3 rd May, 2017

Experience Letter for School Coordinator

Sample Experience Letter for School Coordinator. Experience letter shows the major qualities, skills and experiences of the person. This template is useful for school administration in case of provision of experience letter to School Coordinator. Format given below.

Experience Letter for School Coordinator

To Whom It May Concern

It is certified that Mrs Rabia Aslam w/o Aslam Ali has worked in our institution Gulberg Branch as a coordinator w.e.f 20th February 2008 to 20th February 2012. During her service period she proved herself cooperative, hardworking, and discipline oriented.

She used to organize Parent Teacher Meetings and was responsible to excel her duties with parents of students for effective communication and satisfactory remarks. She used to organize events well along with handling of multiple tasks. However, she fulfilled her duties with complete devotions.

We wish all the best for her future.

Director :_______                                                                               Principle:_________

Signature :_______                                                                             Signature:__________

Experience Letter for School Coordinator
Experience Letter for School Coordinator


Experience Letter Format for School Coordinator

To Whom It May Concern

I hereby certify that Mr Ahsan Khan has worked in our institution as coordinator. During his  tenure of 5 years with our Organization, Ahsan participated in performing the work with determination and sincerity. As we observed, Ahsan was an active and very qualified person and he could perform all of assigned tasks effectively. Besides, in my opinion, he was a motivated, devoted, professional, hard-working, and innovative person. He contributed much to our organizational goals and targets and his performance was proven to be among the most effective in our organization.

I wish him the best of future.

School Head:____



Cover Letter for School Coordinator

Sample format of Cover Letter for School Coordinator or Job Application for School Coordinator. You must know the job nature, being a coordinator you are responsible for all the activities happening in school, institution. To have to manage and tackle all tasks and also buck up the teachers for maintain high performance of institution. Mention your qualification and experience along with skills. Template is given below.

Cover Letter for School Coordinator

The Principal,
Beacon House School System, Greenland.

Subject: Job Application for School Coordinator

Dear Madam,

With eagerness and interest I am writing to apply for the post of School Coordinator which was advertisement in Newspaper ‘The News’ yesterday. My qualification, experiences and interest in the related field makes me a strong candidate for the vacant seat. I did my Masters in English from British University and currently doing M-Phil in Linguistics. Besides my studies I am in professional field since long. I possess a vast experience of 3 years in school teaching in renowned institution. I was promoted to the designation of school coordinator and I am serving with respect to that post since last two years.

I being a competent and active person I can efficiently handle responsibilities assigned to me including maintaining discipline, communication with teachers, dealing parents, handling meetings and the most effective thing is to maintain the repute of institution. I have got command over my verbal communication and writing skills. I possess good accent which is ultimate to standardize the value of institution. My interpersonal skills, confidence, presentation skills are perfect match to handle the responsibilities assigned to me.

I want to join your esteemed organization to be a part of it and serve it through my knowledge and practical experience. Enclosure contains my resume and certificates which will further elaborate my personality. A chance of meeting would be worthwhile. I hope you will consider my application and I appreciation time you took to view my application.

Thanking You.


Nida Ali.
Contact: 000-555-555.

Cover Letter for School Coordinator
Cover Letter for School Coordinator

Appointment Letter Format for School Teacher

Appointment Letter, sample format for an appointment letter from school or any institution to any candidate which has been selected. You can use this appointment letter/Job Offer Letter for pre- school teacher, junior teacher, senior teacher, subject teacher or class teacher. Rules, salary and timings can be mentioned accordingly. Sample appointment letter for  assistant teacher or can be used for school administration staff or helper teacher. Can be used as appointment letter for private school teacher. Changes can be done as per requirements and an easy format to be used.

Appointment Letter for School Teacher Format

Mr /Miss_________
Subject:  Appointment Letter From School
Dear _____,
We are hereby pleased to inform you that, Management from ______ School System offers you appointment as a ________ in our institution. Based upon your interview and tests in which you have qualified and performed best among other candidates. The monthly salary in respect of this appointment will be ___________.

If you wish to accept this offer of appointment in our school under the conditions set out in the attached Conditions of Service for Teachers in Private Schools, sign Letter of Acceptance and Conditions of Services. After receiving this letter kindly meet the principal of ______ School system.

A meeting will be held and you will be told about all the rules and regulation along with working pattern of our school. We hope that you will be glad upon this news and will come to us soon. This is really an honor for us to hire such a competent candidate like you in our valued institute.
We wish you good luck in future and hope that you will be according to our requirements and will be capable to fulfill tasks assigned to you, its really a good opportunity for you to prove yourself in this institute and make your worth an a significant person.
With Best Regards,
_________ School System.
Appointment Letter Format for School Teacher Free Download
Appointment Letter Format for School Teacher Free Download

Appointment Letter for Subject Teacher

To: Mr. Chander Parkaash
H.No.89, Street No. 6
Chamun gerh, India,

Informing: The Principal
Bhopal School Branch Delhi
Database: Accounts Branch, V.D.B. S.S.

Subject: Order of Appointment as Subject Specialist Teacher In Bhopal School Branch Delhi

Dear Candidate,

The Chairperson Vadhikha Baalu Education System has been pleased to appoint you on the subject post in the Pay Scale IPS-17 with effect from on the Terms and Conditions attached herewith, which shall be read as an integral part of this appointment order for all intents and purposes. If the attached Terms and Conditions are acceptable to you without any reservation thereto, then please return it to this office after signing it in token of your acceptance within three working days of receipt of this letter, and assume your duty on May 20, 2015 after completing handing/taking over the charge and that on your failure to do so, this appointment order shall stand automatically withdrawn.

Bhopal School Branch Delhi only, Please submit to this Department the documents mentioned in the columns 1 & 3 of the attached Terms and Conditions duly attested by you and his joining report within a week from the date of his joining to your institution, and also forward your report regarding his suitability/fitness to be retained in the service on completion of his probation period and also afterwards at least twice in a year. He will go through selection procedure and appear for final interview before the final selection board as and when convened.

With Warm Regards,

Arjun Kumaar
Director Academics of Education
August 5, 2015


Sample Appointment Letter.This letter format can be used for appointing teachers/coordinator for any subject by the schools, colleges, academies and universities for teachers induction.

Appointment Letter for School coordinator

Dear Ms. jolly, Congratulations!

With reference to your interview which conduct on 6th March. We are feeling very happy to inform you, that our interview committee has selected you as coordinator post of school. You are request to join our school immediately as coordinator and report to HR Department. All terms and conditions are mentioned in Appointment Letter.We again congratulates you for your appointment on behalf of management and teaching staff.With best wishes


Robert Roz
Head HR Department