Sample Application for Financial Help

Sample Application for Financial Help or Employee Help. If any employee wants to get grant from office in the form or loan or if any sort of employee help is required he/she have to write an application for employee help. Mention the reason for which you need to get help, your salary and other sources as well. Easy template is provided below.

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Sample Application for Financial Help

The Director,
Falcon’s Association.

Subject: Application for Financial Help

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am Salmon Bashir working as Junior Clerk in your prestigious organization since previous year. I am writing to bring your kind consideration towards my issue. I belong to indigent family and being elder I have to look over all the responsibilities of siblings, their education and maintain circle of my entire family.

It is to inform you that marriage ceremony of my sister is going to be held on 6th June, in the upcoming month as I am only person to make the things happen. I want to request you for some sort of help from ‘Employee Help Committee’ so that I may be able to meet the expenses as in my limited salary I am not able to match up the requirements. I shall be highly obliged if you will consider my request.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Salmon Bashir.
Junior Clerk.

Easy Sample Application for Financial Help
Easy Sample Application for Financial Help

Easy Format of Application for Financial Help

The General Manager,
Green Technologies.

Subject: Application for Financial Support

Respected Sir,

I am writing to bring your kind attention towards my concern. I am working as Assistant Accountant in your prestigious place since last two years. This is to inform you that my mother is in bad state of health, she is suffering from severe heart problem and doctor has prescribed her cardiac tests. I am getting limited amount of salary and within this, it is not possible for me to meet up the expenses.

I am the only son in family to look after her and as an obligation I have to do so. I request you to kindly provide me with some sort of financial help or support so that I can make her treatment possible. I hope that you will consider my request.

Thanking you ahead of time.

Yours Sincerely,

Ravi Mehta.
Conatact: 00-555-555.

3 thoughts on “Sample Application for Financial Help”

  1. This is haider from Rawalpindi, i need your help my sister marriage has been arranging in next month i need financial support to make it possible, i am doing job with a food company but its not enough. Please help me. Hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Respected Sir, it is to inform you I am from a middle-class family. My father is working in a private organization. He does not earn much amount. I have passed my MCAT and my name got appeared in medical college I want to study further but my father does not afford my further education. please support me financially. I shall be really thankful to you.
      Waiting for your positive response.

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