Invitation Letter to a Guest Singer

Sample letter format of invitation to a guest singer. Singing is a profession for ears as the term may be coined and is well suited as well. Having and provision of proper platform for the performances of singers is attractive for both the provider and the giver. Nowadays it is trending in organizations to call upon the arrival of the singers to make their life brighter and this can be good to encourage them for their talent.

Invitation Letter to a Guest Singer


The Manager,
Smith Steel Corporation Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting invitation to a guest singer

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour it is to state that I am here to seek permission from you on the part of Mr. Johnny Edward the Rock Star! We are after him from the few months, but unfortunately we are unable to contact him in any way. We tried contacting him through email, but he was not reachable. We changed our strategy and tried to approach him through his contact number as provided to us by the Press media, but his number is always engaged due to his busy schedule.

You can now very well see into our efforts of contacting him in our own struggled ways but we could not be succeeded in our efforts we made. Now after this much toil, we came to know about you and people told us that such type of his matters are heeded and confirmed by you. We want him to come to our company to make our day filled with bliss and hilarity. Please do not disappoint us as we are ardent lover of his voice and want him to be in front of our eyes. I will be thankful to you for favourable action. Waiting for your feedback.

Fond Regards,

Mr. Martin Joy,
6 th January, 2018.

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