Experience letter for Senior Teacher

Sample Experience letter format for Senior Teacher.This format of letter is being used by all experienced and senior class teachers who worked in any educational center for any subject like English, Science, Physics, Arts and Math etc.Easy format is here.

Sample Experience letter for Senior Teacher

To: Mr. Veer Singh Pardeep

Of: Vishaal Tarur Dikh School
New Delhi, India.

 To Whom It May Concern

This letter is signed in the name of Mr. Veer Singh Pardeep who worked here for the period of five years from October 2001 to October 2005 as a Class Teacher. During his stay with us his character bears good morals and he always fulfilled his duties assigned to him as a Class Teacher. He is a hard working, dutiful and competent personality. During his stay in our institution he worked efficiently and effectively. The students along with management are extremely satisfied from his teaching methodologies and skills.

He actively participated in extracurricular management and was skillful member of the team. He possess good knowledge and command over his work and holds a prodigious experience. Hie have showed the A- category results throughout his working tenure.

We wish him a bright future ahead.

Pavun Kumaar
30th August 2015.

Experience letter for Senior Teacher
Experience letter for Senior Teacher

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