Experience Letter for HR Manager

Experience Letter for HR Manager Sample.This letter may be used by those people who are switching to other job areas and they require a certificate indicating their experience and their past behavior. Format of experience letter can be used for HR manager, assistant HR Manager, HR Officer etc

Experience Letter for HR Manager Sample

To Whom It May Concern

It is stated that Mr. Hussain Ali has been a part of our company for the last five years. During his service time, he has been a well-mannered, hardworking and motivated employee. He has always been successful in achieving the targets and goals within the required time. His friendly behavior has made him everyone’s favorite in the office. He has also been awarded the best employee of the month twice. His immense hard work in the field of HR department makes him perfect and suitable for the position of senior HR manager in your organization. He has perfect knowledge about HR policies and rules and regulations. He has also attended many seminars of HR and he is also a Certified Human Resource Management Professional. He has left our office on his own accord.

I wish him best for his future and May he achieves all his goals successfully.


Fiffa private Limited.

Experience Letter for HR Manager Sample
Experience Letter for HR Manager Sample


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