NOC Code For Purchaser

Sample Letter  or NOC  Code for purchaser Format  from authority for Purchasing any machinery or transformer from manufacturer or Electrical supplier. It can be helpful for purchasing all kind of heavy equipment. All terms and conditions and polices, price schedule of payment are mentioned in NOC. It can be helpful for buyer and supplier.

Sample NOC Format for  Purchase of Air Conditioners



Subject: NOC For Purchase of Air Conditioners

You are hereby authorized to purchase Air Conditioners for official usage from any approved and verified corporation having license od selling branded goods. The model and number of air conditioners has been decided by management. Number of Air Conditioners for staff use: 5, Number of Air Conditioners for managerial members: 5. Appropriate recommended brand: Dawlance or Mitsubishi.

Inspection certificates shall be provided by you to this office after necessary inspection of Air conditioners. The guaranty/warranty cards should have to be provided to management. Payment would be by the Finance Department. This NOC is highly official and only acceptable for the mentioned subject on (date).

Branch Manager,


Sample Format of NOC


Subject: NOC For Purchase of 1 No 100 KVA Transformer

As per your request you are hereby authorized to purchase i-No 100 KVA transformer for your subject connection/deposit work from any of the approved manufacturer transformers having valid Pre –qualification/registration and prototype approval of Chief Engineer(D&S) NTDC Lahore as per PEPCO specification No.DD-84:2007 with amendment No.5 duly inspected by Chief Engineer (Material Inspection) NTDC Sunny view kashmir Road, Lahore.

It will be your responsibility to provide the transformer at site of connection under intimation to this office. Inspection certificates shall be provided by you to this office after necessary inspection of transformers by C.E(MI) NTDC Lahore.

Additional Manager,

LESCO Operation Division.

Sample Format of NOC
Sample Format of NOC


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