Application for Salary Revision

This is a sample application for salary revision or application for  Increment salary revision. It can be used for special allowance request or as a bonus Increment request. Easy format of revision salary increment is below.You can alter is as per requirement.

Application for Salary Increment Letter Format

Mr. Ahsan Murtaza
Vice President
Fiffa Foundation

Subject: Request for Revise Annual Salary Increment

Respected Sir,

It is a great pleasure to work under your supervision and, It is been a great time at Fiffa Foundation. I would like to personally thank you for your kindness and professionalism that you kept me with your organization. However with reference to annual increment is less than my expectations.I have done very important  tasks during  this year and my performance was very good. I did  not satisfy with my annual salary increment against my performance, qualification and experience.

So kindly revise my annual salary increment.

I intend to  be exact gratified to you for  this party of  care.

Sincerely Yours,

Hareem Rana
Assistant Sales & Marketing

Request for Salary Revision Letter Format

Mr. Shahid Ali,
Vice President
Falcon’s Agency.

Subject: Request for Annual Salary Increment

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am Hassan Khan, working as a Accountant since two years in this organization. Since the last 5 months I have been promoted to the designation of Senior Accountant. It is sort of great pleasure for me and I am working with great conscience. It is to request that kindly review my annual salary increment as till now, I am not getting any bonus/allowance specified for the seat. As well as, till now my salary increment has not been accomplished. I want you to consider my request. I shall be grateful to you.


Hassan Khan,
Senior Accountant.

Request for Salary Revision Letter Format
Request for Salary Revision Letter Format


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