Application of Facing Challenges during Online Classes

Students Facing Challenges Online Education Today due to quarantine. Every student can be used these formats if they want to improve own online method or want to change online software for good understanding.

Application of Facing Challenges during Online Classes

The Principle,

Apex Grammer School.

Subject: Application by School students facing challenges online classes

Dear Madam,

I am writing this application to let you know that online classes are not helpful in any way. It has been one month since we are taking online classes on zoom. Switching to virtual classes is very problematic itself. There are so many issues that comes with online classes. We have internet connection problem and sometimes we cannot understand anything by these lectures, given by our respectful teachers. It is our request to please end the online classes and wait for pandemic to be over so we can resume our classes from school. School provides better learning environment than zoom. I hope you will take serious action on it.

Yours Obediently,

Rija, Fatima,Robert etc

Application by Students to Principal regarding Online Classes

The Principle,

Subject: Request Application by College Students regarding online Lectures

Dear Sir,

With due respect and humble submission, it is my request to cater our problem as first priority. I am a student of second year from Bluebird college. Recently due to the situation, our classes have been shifted to online and we are having online classes on zoom. There are some major issues in online classes. As you know that we are just learning the basics of accounting and it requires a lot of mathematician, where online classes are not useful at all. We cannot understand any calculation via online classes. Please end online classes for the sake of our future.

Yours Sincere,


Application by University Students to Department Head regarding Online Classes

The Department Head(Accounts Dep)

Govt College University.

Respected Sir,

With due reverence, it is stated that we are not satisfied with the online classes on zoom. As university has shifted the education system to virtual classes on zoom, it has been very tough for us students to grasp any calculation or any concept from online classes. Online classes on zoom are not providing students with the good quality of education. We know that our professors are trying their best but as you know being the students of accounting and finance, our learning from online classes is equivalent to zero. Kindly, look into this matter as soon as possible and resolve our issue. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,



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