Application of Adjustment Status

Sample Application for adjustment status.If, finance director that accounts department deduct salary in wrong way so employee can give application to management for necessary action. It can be used for salary adjustment or leave adjustment. According to your need necessary changes can be done.

Application for adjustment of Clam



The President,



Subject:Application for adjustment of  wrongly deduction
Dear Sir,
Most respectfully it is stated that Accounts Department deducted my one day salary by mistake three months ago. After consultation of accounts department Manager Account’s referred me to consult Manager Administration. After careful study of this case Manager Administration given satisfactory marks in my favor that salary will be adjusted next of month. But Manager Account’s department did not adjust, however Manager Administration explained to Manager Account’s in written form against of my attendance.
Therefore, I request your honor that kindly resolve my genuine grievance and ensure my rights according to rules and regulations and dispense justice in this regard.
 Yours Sincerely,
Application of Adjustment Status
Application of Adjustment Status

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