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Recommendation Letters


Samples of Recommendation Letters

Formats of Official and General Recommendation Letters for personal and professional use. Recommendation letters for friends, employees, colleagues, students¬†etc are provided subsequently for users’ ease.
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  1. Vishal says:

    Please send for the simple format for muncipal corporation proparty tax name change the apllication.only for name spelling mistake for muncipal side.

    • DocumentsHub says:

      The Concerned Person,
      Municipal Corporation.
      With due regard it is stated that I want to request for the ‘change of name for the property tax’. The documents issued by municipal corporation has spelling mistake of the name hence I want to get it corrected. I have submitted the copy of details with the applications and kindly take action upon it as soon as possible. I shall remain obliged.
      Name and Contact

  2. Nissam says:

    Hi I am staying in company accommodation but I want to stay out of company accommodation.how to write letter for releasing my house rental allowance to hr department.please help me


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