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USA visit invitation Letter for Mother

USA visit invitation Letter for Mother

This invitation letter is by son to his mother to come visit him in USA

United States Consulate General

Consulate Address:————

Dear Honorable Consul,

Good Morning! I am writing this letter to support the visitor visa application of my mother. My mother name is angelica john. She is a resident of China. She lives there with my father who has import and export business and her address is mentioned. I live in USA. I am a permanent resident here and my address is also mentioned in the details of addresses. I want my mother to come and visit me from 5th July 2020 to 12th July 2020. I will bear all the expenses of the living and travelling. I will buy her return tickets also. I have my own apartment in the Washington town. I live here with my wife and children. My mother will stay with me in my apartment during her stay. My request is that he would be granted visitor visa for above mentioned dates. I am taking all her responsibility and will cater all her needs.


Contact Detail:————–,

USA Visit Invitation Letter by Son

A letter by son for invitation visitor visa for mother

USA Embassy,

My name is Danyal Hassan and I am a citizen of USA. I am a permanent resident here. I want my mother to come and visit me. She lives in Pakistan and she lives in Karachi, Pakistan. I want her to come and visit me on 5th of January 2020 till 17th January. I own an apartment in my town and she will be staying with me on this stay. I am writing this official invitation letter so there would be some ease in her visa processing procedure. I will be responsible for her accommodation and all her expenses during the stay. I will mention my bank details also. I will have off from work so it would be very beneficial for me to see my mother and being able to spend time with her after so long. Thank you.


USA inviting letter by Son

Respected Mother,

I am writing this Visit visa invitation letter to you so that you can come and meet me in United States. I want you to visit me for 20 days. It has been very long that I have seen you in person and now as the birth of your grandson, we all are eager to meet you. That is why I am sending you this invitation letter which is the official proof that I invited you in USA. I will bear all your travelling expenses and accommodation expenses. I have a flat here in which I live with my wife and 2 months old son that has one spare room also. I want to see you so we can have some valuable time together. I hope this letter helps in your visa processing procedure. I have attached all the necessary required documents with this letter. Thanking in anticipation.