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Thanking Letter for Hospitality

Thanking Letter for Hospitality. Hospitality Thank You Letter. The given formats of Thanks letter for hospitality are provided ahead. It could be used by any official or unofficial person in order to thank and pay regards to the other person for his/her hospitality. Be gentle, sweet and kind in your words.

Thanking Letter for Hospitality

Mrs. Singhania
Director Marketing,
ELF Association.

Subject: Thanks letter for hospitality

Respected Madam,

With due reverence, this letter serves as an official thanks letter which is little effort by us in front of your hospitality; which you did while inviting our faculty and students on your Marketing Mania. All the people are amazed to be a part of it and found it worth attending. You’ve always been kind enough towards us and you always remember our institution in such events. I hope that we will have a good collaboration in the future. We are highly obliged for your hospitality and concerns.

Fond Regards,

Department of Marketing Studies
Name and Signature

Thank-You Letter for Hospitality

Mr. Amin Ahsan,
Director of ABC Housing Society.

Subject: Thanks letter for hospitality

Respected Sir,

This letter is being written with much warm-heartedness and gratefulness by all the members of our prestigious society. We all had great time yesterday evening, while celebrating jubilee of our society. We all want to thank you for inviting us all and for such impeccable hospitality. Congratulations from all members; on account of achieving the rank of Director as well. We believe that you’ve got the zeal to work with devotion and you’ll be an asset for our society. Best wishes and thanks, Head of member’s council

Name and signature.