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Skills Required for becoming an Effective Teacher

Teaching is a prophetic profession, as history mentioned it. It is because, this is the mother of all professions and only in this profession, one can learn and teach at the same time. A good teacher makes learning fun. Like a teacher, like class is a well-known saying about the role of the teacher in a child’s life.

           Teaching is based on 4 basic skills: Reading, Writing, listening and speaking. It is teachers’ job to check students’ writing ability, his listening power, his oratory skills and how well he or she can read, so in order to assess the students on these indicators, a teacher must herself be well-versed in all these four basic skills. He or she must be a good reader, an excellent speaker, a poised writer and an affectionate listener. Without these characteristics, teaching profession will be of no use.

         Besides, these basic qualities, a teacher must be expert of a number of various skills which I will discuss one by one:A teacher must be creative. A creative teacher will be a critical thinker and she or he would try his or her best to make the tough concept, an easy one. This could only be done, if he or she is creative and believes in innovation.

A teacher must be organized. It means, she must be on toe and ready to teach his or her students without frowning! She must keep her planners, books, supplementary materials and A/V aids with her or him.

A teacher must be a confident figure as her job is not only teaching the students, but also managing so many other related tasks.

A teacher must be proactive thinker. It means she must foresee the hurdles while writing her lesson planner and come up with a sound solution to that hurdle. This proactive approach will save his or her time when delivering the lecture on actual grounds.

A teacher must be passionate about teaching. Without passion, she or he would be a complete failure in ‘teaching’ or moulding his or her students’ mind set.a true passionate teacher does not teach only books, rather she or he opens up new gates of knowledge on his or her students.

A teacher must be patient. She must not get easily upset on students’ cranky questions, rather she or he must keep in his or her mind to look out for the root cause that why that particular student is unable to understand the specific concept. After careful observation of the cause, suggest a solution for that problem. By and by students will develop a keen sense of understanding that his or her teacher cares for him or her. Remember, tolerance rules the world.

A teacher must be a good communicator. She must keep in her mind best mean, best method and best chance to initiate the communication with students, parents, colleagues and administration. A teacher with good communication skills always win the hearts of the person whomsoever she meets.

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