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How to Become Successful in Future

                                  Let me quote a famous quotation: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” It states that if you have no plan or you are not serious about making the plans then you are bound to fail. Why this is so? Why it is that much of significance that if you have no plan, you will be failing in your life. Here I am not talking about making a plan for running a business or getting started on a new idea for economic growth. Here, I am talking about making plans to make your own life successful. How it would be achieved? How would you be successful in your life?

              Dear all! Take a look around your surroundings, who surrounds you? Who are there to finance you? Who are there to feed you with food? Who are there to wipe your tears in distress? Who are there to make you laugh? Who are there to clap on your win-game? Who are there to tap you for encouragement? Who are there to tidy your room? Who are there to teach you? Who are your real friends? Calculate the contributions of each and every person in your life.

             After careful analysis, think twice and divide your time in them, share your money with them, do what they had done for you. Chalk out this on a page for making it black and white. Your planning for a successful life is in your hands now.

                At first, it will be hard to follow this plan, but day by day you will be comfortable and enjoy your life treading on these footsteps! Taking care and spreading love around you will then become a fun!

              Apart from this basic structure of the plan, take hold of few other points in life to save your time so that you can do true justice with the time supposed to be shared with the dears and nears ones. These are few simple steps or you can say it guidelines for managing your life to be a success! Let us begin:Avoid gossiping: this is the most stupid activity ever introduced to human race! This is not only waste of time, but it degrades or devalue the person whom you are gossiping about. At first, stop or avoid gossip activity, it saves time.

Be discipline: it means always do the tasks on the set time, never shift the time of one task over the other. Divide time slots for each work supposed to be done on the specific day and be firm then.

Be punctual: punctuality is the key to success. Such person quickly build a good reputation in his/her surroundings and earning a good name is a real success. Always meet the ends on designated time. Never be late!

Be humble: Politeness and down-to-earth is a quality easy to said, then done. It is really hard to think of minor things or communities when you are on high tide, but once the person manages to be humble, only then he becomes valuable!

Have Fun!