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Scientific Myths and Facts

Science is a practical method to search for truth. It can be defined as an activity sprung out of intellectual and practical capacities enveloping the systematic research or study or the behavior, structure, and nature of the physical, chemical, and the biological world through keen observation and experiments. Why we need scientific methods? The answer to this critical question is in order to get the error-free results of the experiment done based on a certain hypothesis. Science has, no doubt made immense development in the past and is still doing wonders to this planet earth. It had saved many lives who were at the stake of going into their graves infected with minor diseases, it stopped the traditional method to cultivate the crops or to harvest it, the modern machines had saved time of the new era human mechanism.

            There are certain superstitions or you can say wrong information attached with the word science! Here, I am quoting only few examples, so that my readers not get affected with boredom or lose their interest in reading this piece of writing. Let’s start:Bulls got angry upon seeing the red colour. It is a myth, simply, because bulls are colourblind. The only thing that incites the anger is the movement of the red cape and not the red colour!

Goldfish are supposed to be thought of having a bad memory, but in reality they are able to remember the information for more than 5 months!

It take 7 years to digest the chew gum is a myth, in reality it can never be digested even in 10 years! The fact is that it stays in your stomach and then passes out of your body through stool.

Great Wall of China is considered as the only living man made structure visible from space, but in reality, and according to NASA reports, bridges, airports, tall buildings are also visible from the space.

Different parts of tongue has different taste buds! It is in reality debunked that there are no separate taste buds on tongue.

Sharks don’t get cancer! In reality, they are prone to get cancer and especially skin cancer.

Napoleon Bonaparte was shought of a very small height, but in reality he was 5.5” or 5.7”

Putting oil in pasta stopped them to stuck with each other is a myth, but in reality, it oil stopped the water to foam over boil.

Police demanded a report after the missing of the person over 24 hours is a myth. Police doesn’t demand any such 24 hours calculation to find the missing person.

Dogs do not sweat through their tongue, they actually sweat through their footpads!

Bats are blind! No, they can actually see and they use echolocation too, that makes them an amazing creature.

Human beings are blessed with 5 senses is a misconception. We have over 20 senses in our bodies.

Lie detector machine only detects the arousal level that leads to sense the truth or a lie.

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