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Application for Equivalence of Foreign Degree

Here are sample application formats for equivalence certificate against a foreign degree. These easy formats can follow by students, for foreign degree equivalence from Higher Education Authorities in an Institute. You can change these formats as per need.

Application for Equivalence of Foreign Degree


The Authority of HEC,

Respected Sir,

With due reverence and respect, the subject of application is to request for making foreign degree equivalent to HEC. I have attached all the requirements needed by HEC with this application. My higher hopes to study more and do a job in my hometown and in my beloved country. This is why I need to make my foreign degree of Ms. Microbiology into HEC standards so I will be accessible to every kind of job and hospitals here. I will follow up through calls to know about the process of my application. It is kind request to please notify if any requirement is left to be fulfilled. I hope my request gets accepted as early as possible.

Yours Sincere,


ID Card Details:————–

Application for Equivalence of Qualification


The Exam Controller,


With due honor and respect in consideration of authority, I am writing this application in the subject of request to equivalent my foreign degree to HEC. I am attaching all the documents required with this application. I have attached copies of my CNIC, Pakistani nationality holder and also attached my degree copies with this application. This is my kind request to higher authority to please check my official documents and can also contact to given numbers provided in documents for verification. I hope that my degree is considered equivalent to HEC as soon as possible so my future prospective would not be affected. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.

Yours Obedient,


Application for Equivalence of Foreign Degree from HEC

To the Authority of HEC,

Please be informed that I am jotting down this letter in reference to subject of equivalence of foreign degree to HEC. I have completed my Masters in Biochemistry credit 34 hours finished on the actual time of degree completion, no extra time consumed or extra hours taken. This was 2 years degree which is completed and is done in the institution of Oxford University. I am requesting to equivalent my foreign degree to HEC standards so it is HEC approved. It would be really beneficial for me for future purposes as my nationality is of Pakistan. I hope my application would be acknowledged.

Yours Sincerely,


I.D./Registration no…

Contact No…

Application for Equivalence Certificate

To the Authority of HEC,

It is respectfully stated that my objective of writing this application is to send request to higher authority of HEC to make my foreign degree of BS Electrical Engineering equivalent to HEC standards as I have completed full course of four years from Harvard University and my degree follows all the standards set by HEC. I have attached all the needed documents and files with this application. I applied for summer standard program in London by which I got scholarship for my graduation and I completed my degree there. Now I am back to my hometown to serve the country and first requirement I have come across is to have degree equivalent to HEC standard.

Waiting your favorable response.

Yours Truly,


Contact Details:———————