Condolence Letter for mother

Condolence letter for mother.The people who lost their loved ones; always love to remember their beloved in good memories… they missed them; they remember them, with deepest empathy. This is a sample Condolence letter on death of a son for mother.

Condolence Letter for mother

Miss Tina
Present of Peace Committee

Subject: Condolence letter on death of a son for mother

Dear Respecter Miss Tina,

With the feeling of lost, grief, and sorry, I would like to sent my deepest condolence to a brave lady of the world, Miss Tina. Hah! It is no doubt a time of sorrow, my heart, my prayers; my thoughts are with you in this difficult time. May there be comfort in knowing that someone special would be never forgotten. Allies was not only my class fellow but one of my close friends. We both cherish many moments with each other. He was used to describe you as a best mother of the world. I appreciate his thoughts and deeds.
8th May, 2018 is unforgettable date for me. I was driving the car, when that accident occurred. He was sitting next to me. We were very happy, and celebrating our success of getting a good job designation in a multinational company. HAAAAAhh!!
Allies was planning a surprise for you. He wants to tell it personally. He was waiting for you to come back from a conference. At that time we made a plan for long drive. There was raining outside and weather was awesome. Who knows it were last moments of Allies with me… Although no words really help you ease the loss you are going through, if you need anything please feel free to ask me. I will be always here to help you. Wishing you peace to bring comfort in your life, wishing you a courage to face days ahead and loving memories of Allies to hold you in your heart.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Elbert

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