Sympathy Letter due to Loss of Mother

Sympathy letter due to loss of mother. Losing a mother is one of most unexplained pain for everyone; mother carries a whole world inside her for her kids. Her love is unconditional. No one, no single one can replace her. This is a sample format how to write a sympathy letter due to loss of a mother.

Sympathy Letter due to Loss of Mother

Mr. Jung,
Health Manager,
Institute of Women Health.

Subject: Sympathy letter due to loss of mother

Dear Brave Jung,

I was only nine years old when I lost my mother due to blood cancer. At that time I was not aware of what I have had lost. Your mother looks after me and as I grew up I begin to see my mother in your mother. She was a strong lady. She was listener and a doer. She was woman driven by compassion, by enthusiasm, by faith, by a fierce sense of humbleness and a heart full of pure love. I used to admire her at every stage of my life. Today I am a CEO of international cement Products just because of your mother, I mean our mother. No doubt she was a pious lady.
I felt extreme sorry that I failed to attend the funeral of that great lady. It was out of country at that time. When I came to know about her death, it was devastating time for me. It’s a really hardest period of my life.
I was thinking about you. She was your mother by blood and you lost her in a moment due to heart attack. There are over whelming feelings of grief and loss for you my brother. Sometimes you find no word how to explain pain, you experience for someone right now I am facing the same. I could not find words how to do condolence for your mother. Still I would like say; she was inspirational lady. I would make a call to you so that we can share once again our cheer moments of life which we both have had spent with your mother. Now she is a memory, a very beautiful memory, a relaxing and calming memory.

Best Regards,
Mr. Smith

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