Resignation Letter for Manager Position

Sample resignation letter for manager post,or head of the department post due to some panic and unrest official internal department issues.Template of resignation letter for manager position.

Resignation Letter Sample for the Post of Manager



Subject: Resignation Letter For Manager Post

Dear Sir,
It is stated that, I have Faced a lot of panic and unrest in our official working and environment for last few months. I also feel that some people in the office accuse me for this situation whereas, I am totally confident in its apposing. As per my discussion with you, you have always been a kind, cooperative and professional boss, I have decided to request you to release me from my duty of Manager and Communication Officer.
I request you to treat this request a prior intimation which I am officially bound to provide a month before leaving this job. I have served [company for almost 3 years with complete devotion and I am confident that my services will always be remembered in good memories. I also want to state that I never committed any wrong which might have broken the chain of command in GET, which I am said to be accused of.
Still my best wishes are with [company] & its family and I wish best of luck to this beloved organization that allowed me to enhance and polish my abilities. My heartiest thanks for your kind personality, the most respectful members of Bod, especially Mr. Jinnah and Jamil for their love and care.
I hope this Organization will flourish and spread the light of education to the needy, what this organization is based at.
 True regards,
Your Name…..
Resignation Letter Sample for the Post of Manager
Resignation Letter Sample for the Post of Manager

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