Sick Leave Application due to Road Accident

Sick leave application due to road accident by wife. Leave application due to accident for school, college. Leave application due to accident of car, motorbike, road accident for office. Necessary changes can be done.

Sick Leave Application due to Road Accident

The director,
REPOL Company.
GT Road Cants.

Subject: Sick leave application due to road accident

Dear Madam,

This is to inform you that my husband Mr. David Far posted as senior legal advisor of your firm has been caught by a road accident a few days before. In this terrifying accident he got fracture in his left leg. Doctor has suggested him for complete bed rest for three months until he fully recovered. Treatment may require a surgery depending upon his condition. I am writing this application to you to inform you about serious condition my husband health. Kindly grant him a leave for three months. I shall be very thankful to you for the act of this kindness. I am attaching all medical records with this application. Please feel free to ask any information regarding your policies and rules of firm.

Yours Truly,
Marie Marty

Sick Leave Application on behalf of Husband

The vice President
Riff Internationals education system
Blue area defense

Subject: Sick leave on behalf of husband due to pain in arm and shoulder


Respected sir it is notify you that my wife Sara Hagar was subjected to arm and shoulder pain due to road accident held at yesterday when she was coming back from her job. Currently she is suffering from critical health problem. I want you to kindly consider my plea and grant her paid leaves according to your health policy for fifteen days. I shall utterly oblige.
Thanking ahead of time. I am attaching all hospital and doctor’s prescription letters with this application. If you need any other information please feel free to contact me at my cell number 0987652353 . As she would get well she will join her job.

Yours Sincerely,
Ahab Star

Road Accident leave by Employee

The Manager,
India textile manufacturing company

Subject: Road Accident leave

Respected Sir,

With utmost respect I am writing to inform that I would not be able to join the office for few days because i met with an accident last night. I have endured a lot of injuries, external and internal both. I am admitted in a hospital right now and my physician is taking good care of me and has advised for complete bed rest for few days. He has made me sure if I get a proper treatment, the speedy recovery is
promised. I will keep you posted about my condition. However, I request you to approve my application for four days.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Arjun Rehash,
11 February, 2019

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