Sample Application for Medical Leave

Sample Application for Medical Leave

The Vice Principle
The Radiant Way School
SMT Campus, Lahore

Subject: Medical Leave by student

Honorable Sir,

With utmost respect, it is stated that I am suffering from severe asthmatic attack since last night. Dr has suggested me to get nebulizer after each 4 hours for consecutive 3 days. It is very difficult for me to come to school in this condition. I have bad throat and chest congestion as well. I need proper rest to recover because of this poor condition. I cannot come to school with this health. I need a leave till I get recovered completely.
Kindly grant me a medical leave for three days. I shall utterly be obliged. I am attaching my medical papers and doctors’ prescription with this application. Thanks for your consideration as I get well I will come back to school.

Yours Obediently,

Ahmad Shah
Class 9 th
Section Science Subject
Roll no 17
Date of leave: 2.03.17 to 4.02,17

Medical Leave Application by Parents

The Principle
Garison School
Boys Campus

Subject: Medical Leave by Parents

Respected Madam,

With best regards, it would like to inform you that my son Raza Ahmad is studying in your institute. He is very intelligent and hard working student. Yesterday when he came back from school to home suddenly he falls down from stairs during playing with some guest. He is seriously injured. He has got four stitches on his head. Doctor had prescribed him complete bed rest for at least 15 days. In this critical condition he cannot be able to come to school and join his classes.
Kindly grant him a leave for 15 days. I am sending you all real documents and discharge slip of hospital with this application. I shall be highly beholden.Thanks.

Yours Sincerely,

Mahmad Ali
Senior Vice President
Tanning Works and Machinery
Date 7.09.2018

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