Leave for Appearing as Witness on Court

These Sample leave application formats are applicable for leave to Attend Court Hearing case with the attorney or lawyer etc

Leave for Appearing as Witness on Court


The Head of Department,

Mughal Steel.

Subject: Going to court as a victim or witness

Dear Sir,

With due reverence, It is stated that I appear as witness in court for criminal case of murder and I have been appearing from two weeks at each hearing. It is to express with much grief and distress that my father is admitted in hospital due to neural injury and I will not be able to appear in court in this week hearing. I believe in law and order and abide by all the rules of court but this calamity has dawned upon us suddenly. I would be able to attend all the next hearings. Please permit me leave for one day from hearing.

Yours Faithful,


Leave to Attend Court Date

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that criminal case is happening under this sector and I appear as one of the witness in the court. Our case is always being heard by judge no 2. I received a notice of hearing today. I want to bring this in your kind attention that I have a load of work at office and meeting is very important that if I lose it, my job will be gone. I need to tell you that I would need leave for one hearing only. I shall be thankful for your consideration. I will be present in next hearings attentively.

Yours Truly,

Luna Singh

Leave To Attend Court Hearing

The Manager,
Steel Company,
California, United States of America.

Respectfully, I want to elucidate my matter of concern that I am one of the witness of the civil case which is under the judge no 4. I want to humbly inform you that my sister is badly injured by a very severe accident. I have to go back to the town to take her to the best hospital. Being only son, there are a lot of expectation from me and I always had to do more than I can. I cannot participate in forthcoming hearing due to this reason. I appreciate your time and I will be waiting for your kind reply as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Jim Gorge,

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