Eid Leave Application for Teachers

Sample Eid Leave Application for Teachers. Templates for Eid Leaves for Teachers before and after Eid application formats are provided below.

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Leave Application After Eid

The Principal,
A.B.C School, Lahore.

Subject: Leave Application After Eid

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am Sana Khan, teaching in this school since 2009 as a computer teacher. I want to inform you that I am going to Karachi on this Eid to celebrate with my In-laws. For this, I need leave after Eid for one week. As I am going after prolong period, it will take time for me to come back early. It would be a matter of gratefulness if you grant me leave for one week and kindly arrange a substitution teacher for computer as well. Your concern is required.

Thanking You I remain.

Mrs. Sana Khan.
Computer Teacher.

Leave Application to Celebrate Eid Abroad

The Principal,
Esna Foundation, Lahore.

Subject: Leave Application for Eid

Respected Madam,

With due respect it is stated that I am Kinza Munir, Science teacher in this school from two years. I along with my entire family are going to Canada on this Eid, to my grandparents. I have got this chance after such a long time and our return tickets are arranged after two weeks. I would be obliged if you grant me leave for two weeks after Eid. Please manage my leaves from official granted leaves of mine. Kindly, considerate upon it and manage substitution teacher for the purpose. I will join school, right I come back.
I will remain obliged.

Kinza Munir.
Science Teacher.

Leave Application Before Eid Festival

The Principal,
A.B.C School, Lahore.

Subject: Leave Application Before Eid

Respected Madam,

It is to inform you that I need leave for two days before Eid on urgent basis. I live in Peshawar and for reaching there on Eid I have to travel from here two days before. On this occasion, I should have to be with my whole family as there is also a function organized. It will be a great favor if you consider my request and grant me leave two days before Eid. Kindly consider upon this matter of mine.

Thanking You I remain.

Sincerely Yours,
Bushra Haneef.
Senior Teacher,
Science Block.

Leave Application before Eid Festival (for teachers)
Leave Application before Eid Festival (for teachers)

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