Critical Leave Application for Teacher

Sample Critical  Leave Application for Teacher. Ailments are part of life and on time check up and treatment is mandatory to save lives to a greater extent. Such formats are a great help for females/Teachers/Office Workers who wish to add years to their lives by removing cyst/breast cancer Surgery due to severe trouble. She can use this easy format of leave. Necessary changes can be done.

Critical  Leave Application for Teacher

The Manager,
Hades Iron Factory,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Leave application due to Cyst Surgery

Respected Madam,

With due respect it is to state with much honour and care that I need an urgent medical leave as I recently discovered a prominent cyst in my underarm! I am worried to bones and dreading it might be cancerous so I anxiously wanted to get it treated on time. I went to see my doctor and he called in me by tomorrow for detail check up followed by Biopsy.

I had attached all the necessary documents with this application for your kind review and concern. Kindly see to this matter as soon as possible to save my dear life. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,

Ms. Etna Jacob,
12th March, 2017.

Sample Leave Application due to Breast Cancer

The Principal,
Hades Public School,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Leave application due to breast cancer

Respected Sir,

With due respect it is to state humbly that I am in urgent and dire need of medical leave as I am suffering from initial stages of breast cancer. I was much worried when I heard the dreadful news, but my doctor consoled me a lot and gave me hope of survival as the cancer is at its onset.

By next Monday is my operation and for that reason I have to get myself admit in the hospital prior a week. Kindly grant me the leave for the said period. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Faithfully,

Ms. Ferry Hones,
12th March, 2017.

Leave Application Due to Mammography

The Manager,
Galax Steel industry,
London, United Kingdom

Subject: Leave Application Due to Mammography

Respected Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I suffered from cancer and my doctor has advised me to have regular mammography from the hospital. As advised by the doctor, I have to go through from all the tests required for my cancer disease. I was having a stage one cancer so it was treated fairly, but in order to nip the evil in the bud I have to go for regular check-ups and completely under observation.

I request you to provide me a leave for two days in order to complete my checkup. I had attached my prescriptions with this leave as evidence so that my casual leaves couldn’t be affected due to this leave.

Yours Obediently,

Ms. Julia Carlos,
12th March, 2017




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