Job Application for Cashier

Sample format of Job Application for Cashier, a simple written format to be used. Being a cashier you have to be much loyal and for getting the job an impressive image is to be created among the higher authorities. Mention your skills, explain the enclosure. You have to prove yourself to be an honest and loyal person and able enough to keep your record up to date and to handle all tasks efficiently. It can be used as a Cover Letter of Job Application for Cashier. You can use as job hiring for cashier.

Job Application for Cashier Post

June 2, 2014.

Mr. Steve John.
Hiring Manager,
ABC Store Cantt. Lahore.

 Subject:  Job Application for Cashier

Your advertisement in The Dawn Newspaper specifies that you require efficient person to work in your Store as a Cashier. Accept the enclosed resume as a job application for the position of Cashier at ABC Store. Having an experience of three years in the field made my skills exceptional for the work. I am a well committed person along with best working capabilities within stress hours.   I am very interested in working for ABC Store due to its prestige and best ever quality assurance.

 I can handle all computerized system, cash and carry services, calculations at finger tips, billing through cash, credit cards and voucher handling and  even can manage cash register. My computer skills are marvelous in this regard. I believe my excellent customer service and leadership abilities would make me an ideal employee. I am therefore certain that my customer service abilities and leadership skills are just the qualities you are looking for.

I am eloquent in speaking native language. I am familiar enough with cash and accounting’s and to work with devotion keeping the customer care at front line. I am confident that I can handle stressful situations and make important decisions while working as a cashier for your store. I attended workshops and seminars of Customer Dealing and Care. Being an energetic member in your association I would definitely prove myself to be an asset. Looking forward to have a great opportunity ahead.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Ali Ishfaq.


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